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I inspire people to live their best lives. Basically, I help people to improve their Personal, Professional and Online lives. I lead a team of virtual friends ( skilled at various arts of Digital Marketing – Web & App Development, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, UI etc etc ), providing Digital Marketing services to Global clients. I mentor Startups too. ( Lately fascinated by ResourceSTACKS and mentoring as an Evangelist)

In case, you are wondering ‘Where is your office?’ … would you be surprised if I answer ‘On my Laptop and mobile‘? Yes I enjoy the flexibility and freedom of ‘Laptop Lifestyle’, being able to work from anywhere I want ( mostly from my home, close to my family).

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My Story

( The above is an old video shared in my mother tongue. Found great feedback from many, so keeping it until I shoot a new video. )

Today, I’m very happy to tell you that I’m living my life exactly in a way I always wanted to live. From waking up in the morning, to going back to sleep at night, today I am free to do only the things I love doing. There isn’t any ‘should’ or ‘must’ in my to-do list. But let me tell you very honestly, it wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight. I had to overcome lots of challenges but I could also learn priceless lessons of life.

Most people are afraid of ‘failure’ which is nothing but learning opportunities disguised as challenges. Let me tell you an open secret – you can’t find a single successful Entrepreneur in any field of business – network marketing, internet marketing, traditional shops, franchises, software companies, social networking giants who didn’t have to face failure ever.

Glad I embraced failures, learned from them, and could create a decent income from my business . I didn’t have any formal business degrees or business background in my family. I built my business by helping people around me, learning from them and also helping them with what I knew.

By the way, I am sharing all these because I just want you to understand that it can be done by anyone who is willing to commit and put all the efforts necessary to succeed. I have no intention of bragging. Because I am just a very ordinary person like you.

Keep reading to see if you can relate to my story.

Before I Started My Business

My Childhood

You know I am born and brought up in a very simple middle-class family in a suburban place Midnapur (Medinipur / Midnapore). Dad works in United Bank of India and mom housewife.  Got a very good foundation from my primary school Saraswati Sishu Mandir.

Where Sourav Ghosh lives

I love my hometown – as it’s neither deprived of necessities like villages nor crowded and in a rush like cities.

Like most of you, I was always taught from my childhood that only way to live a good life is to study hard, get good marks, and then get a secure and high paying job.

School Life at Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission

So I studied hard (though I always hated studying), and got into one of the most respectable institutes in my state – Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission. But as it was a residential school, I had to leave home at the age of 10. [showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Show More…” less_text=”Show Less…”]It was very difficult for me as I never wanted to stay away from my home, parents and Medinipur. I spent first 3-4 years there crying and missing home. Stopped studying totally. Naturally I ranked 100 out of 120 students in my class for 3 years in a row.

As I was very introvert, so I had a difficult time in making friends at school too.

From 8th standard, I returned my focus on studies again, watching my parents struggle financially. My parents promised me that if I can pass 8th standard with good marks, I don’t have to worry about study ever in life, as it was the most important class of life. But when I ranked 10 while being promoted to class 9, with the excitement that I didn’t have to study all over again, my parents started saying that “Class 9 and 10 are most important, as you’ll be appearing for first board examination – Madhyamik / Secondary exam after these 2 years. And marks of this exam are going to play very important role for my further career”. I was disappointed but I studied harder. ( Not going into the details of the emotional torture from my fellow classmates because I moved my rank from 100 to 10 suddenly). I scored 90% in secondary examination and got admitted for 11-12 in our college section.

[ I’m hugely indebted to Narendrapur for introducing me to the concept of Entrepreneurship during class 9-10. We used to have a hobby class on that topic][/showhide]

Joint Entrance Madness

Just when I was starting to relax, I was told that 11-12 were most important classes for our career. I was totally disgruntled. [showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Show More…” less_text=”Show Less…”]I had no idea why my parents were giving me false hope every year that it was the last time I had to study hard. But as I became much confident by then, I promised my parents that I would score 90% in my upcoming Higher Secondary exam. Instead of being happy about that, they told me that scoring well is HS only didn’t matter, I had to prepare and rank in IITJEE, WBJEE, AIEEE, ISI, … entrance examination. Taken aback, I asked them how many years I would get to prepare for so many exams and whether their syllabi were same. I was totally shocked to find out that I had to prepare for all those exams with different syllabus within 2 years along with HS!

Looking at my parents’ struggles, I started dedicating myself to study, even when I hated every minute of it. My Dad took loan from bank. Rented an apartment near Narendrapur. My mom moved there to stay with me. Dad started to manage everything back at home alone. Wish I could tell you how difficult things were for all of us in those 2 years. I used to study 20 hours every single day. Only recreation was an FM radio. I used to run to different private tutors miles away from where I stayed. Whole day spent for tuition, mock test for IITJEE at FIITJEE, mock test of WBJEE at Pathfinder, classes at Narendrapur. I had to slap myself on face to study all night, after such exhausting days. Worst days of my life! Phew … God knows how many families suffers like this every year for this joint entrance madness.

You know I focused most on preparing for IIT, as that was my parents’ dream. I cleared the screening exam, but couldn’t clear the mains. I always thought, if I couldn’t get into IIT, I’ll suicide. But I still can remember, the day I saw the result that I couldn’t make it to IIT, I wasn’t sad at all! Today I look back and feel grateful to life, because IIT and I are not fit for each other (though an amazing institution). But anyway I got great ranks in other exams. Specially 269 rank in West Bengal Joint Entrance, landed me in one of the best engineering colleges in our state – Shibpur BE College (Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur).[/showhide]

College Life at Shibpur

And hence started my college life at Shibpur. I had hard time dealing with the difference of environment and culture between Shibpur and Narendrapur. [showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”Show More…” less_text=”Show Less…”]Also listening to professors for 55 minutes/ period , 8 period/day felt like a torture to me. No matter how hard I tried, I hated my Engineering subjects. Then there were regular troubles between students union. I used to bunk as much as possible and stayed at home. In case you have been to Engineering college, you know that ‘studying’ is considered as a ‘sin’ there, so naturally I was being ridiculed hard for my habit of studying more than the college average. On the other side, my parents started feeling that I was studying less that what I used to in my school days. I was going through severe mental troubles.

I started losing my patience, when many of my classmates started scoring more than me even after studying just the last night before the exam, you know how. Now I am not going into morality of cheating, but honesty was always very important for me. I couldn’t see how would I ever get rewarded for my honest effort in academics. Also when I started watching seniors or college pass outs, I realized that I didn’t want my life like theirs in exchange of 30-50,000/month (no offense). I was moving towards severe depression and may be a suicide.[/showhide]

sourav ghosh photo

Home Based Business came as a Lifesaver for me

Just when I was losing all hope in life, one of my friends introduced me to a home based business concept. I still remember the date – 14th January 2007. ( Coincidentally I watched ‘Guru’ movie on 13th, the movie based on life of Reliance founder Dhirubhai Ambani. So you can guess that I was pumped up about starting my own business. Just didn’t have the idea ‘how’). I totally loved the idea of ‘sharing what you love, helping others to succeed and earn money for it‘. I felt like this was what I wanted to do in life. And the concept was called Direct Selling / Network Marketing.

“Why on earth a bright student like you would join Network Marketing?”

As I learned about Network Marketing for the first time and was very excited about it, I called my Dad to send me the money to join this business ( I was 19 then, in my 2nd year of Engineering). I expected him to be as excited as me. But instead, he refused to give the money and called me back home urgently. When I reached home, my Dad was furious, as if I was joining underworld or something. He started telling me one after another scary story about Network Marketing ( ‘chain business’ / ‘pyramid scheme’ / ‘chit fund’ in his wordings). How one of his friends started Network Marketing and had a garage full of products no one wanted to buy … etc etc. But I insisted and convinced him to give the money to start my business. He challenged me that if I don’t regret within 1 year for this decision, he would …

Why was I so confident about Network Marketing that I went against my parents?

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about Network Marketing back then. So there was no reason to be confident about it. But I did some logical thinking. What was the alternative? The career path my parents were suggesting me for years was on the verge of killing me. And I had no intention to take a job and then spend rest of the life away from home too. Though I love and respect my parents very very much, and grateful for all the sacrifice they’d made for me, but I wasn’t ready to take career advice from them blindly. If for every other subject, I learned only from the experts, then why would I take opinion about Network Marketing from those who failed or those who never had any experience in it?

Besides, I was tired of ignoring what I really wanted in my life. I found that Network Marketing was giving exactly the kind of lifestyle I wanted. Infact I was asked “why did you choose Network Marketing” by so many people over the years, that I had to write a note on it.


My Journey with Network Marketing

As I told you before, it was not easy. My parents continued to resist me over the years. When I finished my college, and decided to discontinue study, not to even write a bio-data (that was one of my dreams – never doing Job) &  take Network Marketing as my full-time career, my parents thought I had lost my mind. It was difficult to continue, going against parents for years, but I didn’t give up. Because I knew what I was doing ( Glad I didn’t give up & listen to my parents. Now we are taking care of 80+ grandparents at home. My mom’s mother died few years back after suffering from cancer for 1 year. Imagine if I had taken any job and went away, how could my parents manage all these alone!)

Over the years I saw many people to join Network Marketing, and quit after some time (another long story. Those who introduced me, all left. But I didn’t). What I realized that most people expected it to be some lottery ticket, which it wasn’t. That’s why I devoted myself to learning everything about Network Marketing. More I learned, more I got fascinated about the industry. I felt sad for all those who never joined or quit, never ever knowing the true potential of the industry. I started reading books, attending seminars, following industry magazines, podcasts, videos everything I could get my hands on. Started teaching my team what I was learning. And gradually my business started to grow. For the first time in my life, I started making friends, talking to more and more people. From villages to metro cities, I started spreading my business. And income started to grow.

During these years, I not only learned about Network Marketing industry, but I had undergone immense personal growth. To satisfy my own curiosity, I started learning about Entrepreneurship, Startup and different types of businesses. Also, subjects like relationship, communication skill, body language, public speaking, mind power development became my point of interest soon. I started studying lives of successful people from different times, different fields. It was like a whole new world of unlimited possibilities started opening for me. I was surprised that why all these information were not being taught to everyone at school?

Internet, Social Media and Blogging

I started using Internet primarily to follow and interact with the world famous authors on Network Marketing, Self development etc, whose book I was reading. I got instantly attracted to the concept of Social Media. Started connecting with people from all over the world, making new friends everyday. Also, I was so fascinated about all the things I was learning, I started sharing those through these Social Media sites.

As I always loved writing and had a dream of writing books some day, I started my blog. I started attending meetups over the years, met many of my online friends offline. My life started changing in a way I wanted to. More people I met, more open and broad minded I started becoming. More I could learn about life.

Internet also made my Network Marketing business easy. Before that, I was building offline, by making my list and contacting people I knew. It worked and I did okay, but I was not finding the time freedom or the level of income I wanted. As being an introvert until then I knew very few people, and fewer among them had the mentality to do business. So was looking for a better way to do my business anyway.

I wanted to create multiple streams of income. I wanted to truly work from home. As I said I had to spend more time at home taking care of my family. I felt that If I had to tell about my business to people individually, I could reach very limited number of people. I wanted to have countless people looking at my business 24 x 7!

I was totally in love with the Internet, its potential, and the idea that one could make an incredible income online, while at home in their Bermuda and t-shirt! One thing I was confident about that Internet was changing the way businesses operate, and it made operating a home based business easier than ever!

I found the statistics that most people wanted (even if secretly) to have their own business and specially wanted to work from home. I continued my research for creating multiple sources of income from home based business, utilizing the power of Internet. I have never stopped my research, though. That’s what I share most here.

Creating Multiple Sources of Income

Let me be brutally honest to you. I jumped into Network Marketing without any other income source. That is not a very wise step and I will not recommend anyone to do that. Though Network Marketing doesn’t require huge capital investment but like any legitimate business you’ll have some business expenses. And like every other business, it will take some time to pay you off with enough income so that you can solely depend on it.

That’s why if you are already in a job , I will recommend you start Network Marketing part time. When your income from Network Marketing becomes way more than your salary, you can decide to quit your job if you want to.

Incase you are like me, who just finished studies and don’t want to go for job, I will suggest you create multiple sources of income from day 1. Someone wise said it right

Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

You know one thing I learned in last few years that life is uncertain and unpredictable. Whether you are in a Job or any business (including Network Marketing), it’s always advisable to create multiple sources of income. And trust me there are many ways through which you can create sources of income based on your passions – like blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling your own products & services etc.

You need to realize right now that it is possible for you to build multiple streams of income online (and it takes TIME and a serious commitment. I have kept learning and implementing). If you know the right way, you can do it faster. As a member of my team, or through my coaching programs, I will teach you how. I will show you exactly what I am doing and then it’s up to you to decide if you want to do that or not. But please understand, whatever I will show you, aren’t get-rich-quick scheme.

Everything Was Worth Being Able to Live the Way I Wanted to Live

Though it was not easy, but today I can say that everything was worth. Today my time is my own. I can spend time with my family, working from home. I can also work from anywhere in the world, if I decide to go for a vacation. All I need are my laptop and Internet connection. Even I can run most of my business from my android mobile. Isn’t that fun?

I feel great pleasure to wake up whenever I feel like, getting time for exercise & meditation, being able to enjoy home made food, having time to watch all the movies in the world, spend time with family. I feel blessed to be able to focus on my passion of writing. It’s a whole new world if you can spend all your waking hour doing only the things you enjoy doing. And the fun part is, you income keeps coming even when you are not working. That’s the beauty of residual income.

During all these years, I could help many people from different ages and different backgrounds to live their best lives. I feel myself blessed to be able to make a difference. If you are serious and committed, stay with me here to create your best life for you.

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Sourav Ghosh