How to Teach a Child to Keep Himself/Herself Safe from Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately an alarming number of children both boys and girls, experience sexual abuse in a very tender age. Sometimes even from the people close to them. These terrible experiences not only confuse or scare them in their childhood, but for most it leaves a severe emotional wound for whole life. Experiencing sexual abuse in childhood may results in guilt, fear of relationship, hesitation to intimacy,troubles in sex life, suicidal tendency, depression etc even after growing up. But the most difficult part in preventing this is how to make a kid aware of this. But beautiful video by CHILDLINE India Foundation made it so easy!
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Can You Make Yourself Happy?

Don’t you think our lives can be a whole lot fun if we just learn to make ourselves happy? Instead of expecting others to make us happy? That’s what today’s episode is all about. Please give your feedback.
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#IconsAround Interview: Mandar Tulankar – The College Kid Who Invented Shoe Powered Mobile Charger

I can’t exactly remember how, but one day suddenly I found an article on the internet about a college kid, who invented a mobile shoe charger that can convert the mechanical energy of walking into electrical energy. I got so fascinated. I read that at such young age he is running a company in renewable energy sector, also has been awarded by many respected institutions and organizations. I wanted to connect to this person. I hesitated a bit at first, but when I sent him a message on Facebook, I got real humble & warm reply. Like most successful Entrepreneurs, Mandar is also very much down to earth and open to learning. I feel myself blessed to be connected with him for last 5 months. And I’m so grateful to him that he took his time to share his story for you all. So let’s learn about his story together.

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Are You Following Super MLM Man & Learning Valuable Network Marketing Lessons?

If you have seen the previous video, you know that Network Marketing legend Richard Bliss Brooke took an interesting initiative. He is interviewing random people on the street and asking about what they know about Network Marketing or even they have ever heard about it. The answers are funny, interesting and also eye opening for all Network Marketing distributor. Watch the video & also read the original article for the lessons.
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Seth Godin TED Talk: The tribes We Lead – Priceless Marketing & Leadership Lessons

Just found this awesome video of Seth Godin giving a speech at a TED conference. You’ll get a fresh new perspective of Marketing & Leadership in today’s world. Gone are the days when only giant corporations with lots of money to buy lots of ads could sell their ideas to people. Now with the help of Internet & mass media, anyone can take an idea, build a tribe around it & start a movement. Watch the video & let me know what you think.
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25 Inspiring Quotes [images] on Life and Love

I know many of you love quotes. Specially quote images. That’s why in this post I’m giving you 25 fresh new quotes on life and love. Thoughts and wordings are completely mine, not copied from anywhere. But obviously can be influenced from wisdom of great leaders. If you like the quotes, feel free to share with others or use in any means – post on Social Networks ( specially Pinterest), use in your blog posts, anything you like. I’d love to know what you think about these quotes.
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Network Marketing Lesson from Navy Seal Trainer

Found this awesome post by Eric Worre sir! It’s so true! If people just didn’t quit, they could have lived their dreams!

Who Are the Best Potential Leaders to Sponsor into Your Business

Real valuable advice! Skills can be taught, but motivation can seldom be implanted!