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Best FREE Graphics Design App Canva – Complete Tutorial for DIY Design

Do you find it hard to use the popular design tools that require too much technical knowledge? Are you looking for a graphics design app that is simple yet powerful enough to cater all your designing needs? For those who find it really hard to get graphics designed their way, Canva is here for all your needs. And this Canva tutorial is the only tutorial you’d need to read to start designing kickass graphics for your business or for your clients. Read more

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How To Focus Better: 8 Tips To Improve Memory [Infographic]

It became hard to memorize important things due to lack of focus because of many distractions. Using the tips in this infographic, you can improve memory by knowing how to focus better-keeping distractions away. Read more

11 Psychological Tricksto Get People to Do What You Want

11 Psychological Tricks to Get People Do What You Want [Infographic]

The toughest part for an entrepreneur is getting customers buy their product. Though you have a great product, without knowing the psychology of your customers you can’t promote it. Moreover, you can make your customers buy your product if you know how to trigger their buying decision. In this infographic, you can learn “11 psychological tricks” to do it. Read more

First Impression: 8 Things People Decide On The First Meet [Infographic]

We all know the first impression is the best impression. Wouldn’t it be better if you know what are the things people look at on their first meet? In this infographic, you can learn what are the things people decide on the first meet about you. Read more


Actionable Tips On How to Be More Efficient [Infographic]

Many feel that the rocket science is present in utilising time efficiently. So only a few persons succeed when it comes to maintaining efficiency. So only a few attain success in their life. But the thing is you need to follow few disciplines to be productive. In this infographic, you can learn simple and actionable tips that successful persons follow to be more efficient. Read more

18 Rules For Using Text In A Document

18 Rules For Using Text In A Document [Infographic]

We should use specific font styles depending on the context. In the same way, there are 18 rules for using text in a document. You can find those rules in this post. Read more

Design Elements And Principles Of Canva [Infographic]

Canva is the most popular and free tool for designing images. It has preset dimensions depending on the context. In this post, you can learn the design elements and principles of Canva. Because when you condition the knowledge you have, you can be best at it. Read more

Career Guide

Career Guide: Web Designer vs. Web Developer [Infographic]

It is confusing when it comes to choosing career between a web designer or web developer for many. Here is the career guide to help you choose the right one for you and grow in that. Read more