SGT Management Souarav Ghosh & Team (1)

Announcing SGT Management – A New Start towards a Better Future

2020 has been the year of Rebirth for our team.

I started in this field with some values, principles and vision. But over the years, that got diluted as I brought in some people who had different priorities & started taking our team in a very different direction than what we originally envisioned.

Though we were growing in terms of revenue, results and remuneration for some of our team members; we were drifting apart from the essence of wholistic growth, well-being and moving forward together.

I am so grateful to the universe that everyone who were not aligned with our values and vision, gradually drifted apart and the ones who truly belonged finally had the breathing space to come forward as leaders and steer this ship in the right direction.

Today I’d like to introduce them to the world and announce their official roles in our team.

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