Virtual Reality Startups

10 Most Amazing Virtual Reality Startups [Infographic]

The most exciting is the technology of virtual reality. In the initial phase, there was a great craze on VR headsets for people.

Two friends are hanging out together while they are speaking over a phone call. All credit goes to Altspace.

A person is shopping online but like some sort of magic, he is feeling what he is shopping. Thanks to Prizmiq for this amazing experience.

Do you know there are many similar virtual reality startups?

I am not discussing all of them but I picked only 10.

10 Most Amazing Virtual Reality Startups – Infographic

I find this infographic very insightful. It has the details of the most amazing VR startups. Some are already popular while others are picking up the stream.

Virtual Reality Startups

Source: Visualistan

Which of them do you like the most? And what feature do you feel it is missing?  Comment below and let us know. Share it with your technology freak friends.

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