How comfortable are you asking for help & support?

Hello, dear.

I am recording my first Racket and wanted to share a few thoughts.

Let’s talk about asking for help. Asking for support.

How do you feel about it?

Do you feel comfortable asking for help? Asking for support?

I am not talking about asking for a small help in maybe some work or asking for financial help.

I am talking about things that make us comfortable.

How comfortable are you to ask someone for help, If you are not feeling well?

How comfortable are you telling someone that you need support, you need help?

You are finding it difficult.

You are not feeling well, you’re feeling down, you are feeling sad.

You are feeling lonely.

You are feeling Afraid.

Specially if you have always been a so-called strong person, if the people in your life, if the people surrounding you, they always consider you as a strong person.

If you have always been the support,  help for the people in your life, then it’s not very easy asking for help.

Asking for support.

And this is why so many people suffer from so many mental health issues. Or even if it’s not a specific clinically diagnosed mental health issue, like depression, so many people deal with so many difficulties alone in life, because our society, kind of convinced us that it’s a sign of weakness – If you ask for help.

It’s a sign of you’re not strong.

If you need support, if you tell someone that you are not feeling well, society has brainwashed you to believe that you are weak, but that’s not true at all.

And let me tell you that, it’s not healthy at all.

Neither it’s healthy physically, neither it’s healthy mentally.

When we don’t feel good inside, when we feel like having support of someone, and we don’t get it, we don’t seek it – then over a long period of time, it not only damages our Mental Health, it also can have serious implications on our physical health.

I am not a doctor or a medical professional or therapist or anything.

I am just sharing from my experience.

I have seen this in people very close to my life.

They have faced so many challenges, so many difficulties, they struggled, so much in life.

But they didn’t get help, they didn’t get support.

And many times, they didn’t seek support, maybe being afraid, hesitating ‘what others will think’ and that affected their lives, their physical health, their mental health, their relationships, & the lives of people around them.

So this is something for last few years, I am trying to work on.

I also find this very difficult because for a very, very long time,I have been the person who helped others, supported others, guided others, mentored others.

People look up to me as an inspiration.

So I struggled a lot with this feeling and I think I still am. I have improved though.

I still struggle to ask for help, to ask for support, but I just wanted to tell you that I am working on it, and I am improving.

And I am reaping the benefit from that.

And you know… why it’s important to seek support from a therapist, a counsellor, a mental health professional or maybe a life coach?

Because sometimes people who are very close to us, as they are attached and involved in our life, it becomes very difficult for them to help us, support us, without being judgmental, or without being affected themselves.

If you have someone in your life, someone close, like a freind or a family member, who can support you well, when you are down, when you are not feeling well, that’s incredible.

But for most of the people, it’s very difficult. It actually makes things worse when someone try to share what they are feeling.

If they are not feeling well when they try to share that with people who are close to them, either they become judgmental or they give some quick fix solution.

Or maybe they in turn start telling their problems and that doesn’t help.

That’s why it’s much much helpful,If you seek professional help and support from a mental health professional, a counsellor, a therapist, or maybe a life coach because they are expert in this.

They know the methods, they are not connected to your life.

They’re not attached to your life.

They can look at your issues from a much detached perspective.

They can look at it objectively, and they can be better listeners.

They can be much better non-judgmental place to vent off anything that you are feeling without being afraid or hesitating.

I am doing that.

Especially from this month.

I have brought in an organization, that provides mental health support to my team. Some of my teammates, some people very close to me, some of my friends, some from my family, sought professional mental health support, and it has tremendously improved their life.

And I must tell you, I am recording this right now, right after completing my session with my therapist and this July has been very difficult for me for some reason.

Maybe I will share that in a future message, but this July was very difficult.

I faced some physical challenges, some issues and some close family members went through some difficulties.

We experienced some loss, we experienced some uncertainties, and I was thinking, and I was actually telling my therapist this today, if I didn’t have this support, that I have with me, this mental health support that I have someone I can talk to every now and then, and I can share whatever I am feeling, it would have been much more difficult.

So, that’s my message for you today.

Please, please don’t hesitate to seek support.

Let me know what you think.

Send me a message here on whatever channel you prefer.

I would love to listen from you.

Bye-bye, have a great day!