Automation for a Better Life

Clever Ways to Use Automation for a Better Life [Infographic]

Simple tasks that become busy work can hold us back in our life. These can be time-consuming and are often depressing drudgery. Some of us hate this work and do it begrudgingly, while some secretly like to do these easy and repetitive tasks in order to subconsciously avoid thinking about larger concepts that could actually bring us greater fulfilment in our lives and career. So, here I focus on the ways you can use automation for a better life.

Clever ways to use automation for a better life

How many times have you faced a scary or creative project, only to go back to revamping your schedule or going through bills because you were too nervous to approach the new and different?

Automation can get rid of these excuses and force you to face a new idea head-on. There are a number of applications available that allow people to avoid what used to be lengthy time-sucking tasks so they are free to do higher-level thinking toward larger solutions.

It seems these days that you can easily automate every part of your life without too much trouble.

Free your financials

By automating your bills, you take away the burden of trying to write checks or accidentally being late with a payment. Automatic bill pay is available for most of your payments either through your bank or the website of the vendor you are using.

Also, there are apps that help you manage your budget. Sitting down with for one night will give you the ability to check in and manage your accounts from one convenient place. With Mint, you can also see how to control your debt or prioritize payments.

Challenge yourself to be more productive

Applications can curb your tendency to use social media, or even answer your phone, by automatically shutting down access to those apps. Forcing yourself to focus on one project can be difficult in the internet age, but it is imperative if you want to maximize your potential. Multi-tasking has been shown to be very detrimental. Apps are out there that make sure you do not receive desktop push notifications or phone calls and texts.

Then if you need some help with organization, apps like Wunderlist help you follow through with projects by creating convenient to do lists that you can stick to.

Automate your health with Automation for a better life

Further applications like fit plan can help you keep an exercise regimen, train for a marathon, or sleep more effectively. By automating your health options you don’t have to think continuously about how best to work out or what your sleep patterns should be.

Calorie counters also allow you to plug in the foods you eat to see how well they follow your healthy diet plan. Apps like Noom allow you to create custom plans that work with your body and your mindset to have a better and more healthy lifestyle.

How to automate every part of  your life [Infographic]

Here is an infographic which throws some light on the ways you can automate every part of your life. The ways depicted here will help you save a lot of time and also be more productive at the same time.

Automation for a Better Life

Source: Intuit Turbo

Ultimately, there are several easy ways to enhance every part of life to make it more automatic and streamlined. This will give you more time for self-care and to realize your greater potential.

Are you already using any of the ways which I mentioned above to use automation for a better life?

Do you follow any other ways to automate your regular tasks to save more time?

Please let us know by commenting so that I will update my post with them too.