boring words

What To Use Instead Of These 16 Boring Words [Infographic]

Who wants to be a boring person? Of course, no one whats to be. But just because a person doesn’t know what words to avoid, they make boring conversations. In this post, you can learn about 16 boring words to avoid and what to use instead. So that you can make the conversation interesting.

16 Boring Words To Avoid And What To Use Instead – Infographic

boring words

Credits: GrammarCheck

Have you ever noticed when some persons are speaking to others/he is using her/his gadget? Have you ever experienced it?

Consider this case: There are 2 persons and B. and you asked both of them How are you?

They replied like

A: I am good.

B: I am splendid/marvelous.

How will you feel in both the cases? You may feel like is routine and is awesome can make a good conversation.  And you will love to speak with him. (PS: This may not be the same for everyone but majority feels the in this way)

In this way words do magic. So change your words and make your conversation interesting.

Do you know any more boring words which I missed? Let me know I will add and help our community to do great.