Best Free LIVE Chat Software for Business – For More Sales and Better Customer Satisfaction

The business space has been bombarded with competition and disruptions at the same time. Modern technology calls for reforms, and digital marketing and E-Commerce is changing with the speed of light. The coronavirus pandemic has expedited digitization, and it brings along a wave of technologically advanced methods in the form of Conversion rate optimization. 

A significant factor that is defining revenue for companies is the live chat feature. Business owners often perceive live chat as a small factor and overlook its role. You can potentially increase revenue and achieve great results with live chat, all of which we will be discussing in the post. 

Stay tuned and make sure to read every section, and we will make sure to equip you with modern and practical solutions that will optimize your online store for conversions.

Let me share some basic statistics that will enlighten you about the importance and the role of the live chat feature – 

  • According to an exciting study by Crazy Egg, 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from an online store that offers live chat options.
  • Emarketer found out that about 63% of online visitors are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.
  • Forrester found an average of 10% increase in order value when customers engaged in a live chat before making a purchase.

And the list goes on and on. There are literally thousands of studies on consumer behaviour, and all point out the importance of live chat. We will be discussing some of the major ones in every section of this post.

Understanding the implications

Reading about the importance and the percentages surely sound exciting and reassuring, but it is imperative to understand the basics behind these numbers. For example, a 38% increase in sales could potentially mean the difference between a profitable and non-profitable company. One change in the store can change the future of your business forever.

Getting a 100% FREE solution for a lifetime

Now that you have a basic understanding of the importance, you must be wondering about the best options to integrate a plugin or feature that provides a seamless live chat functionality to your online store. 

There are innumerable CMS systems and hand-coded websites in the world for Small & Medium Businesses. After managing thousands of websites for small and medium business owners we made sure to introduce a solution that can easily be integrated into any website and is free of cost. is an online live chat solution that has disrupted the market for small and medium-sized enterprises. You can integrate with your store in a few clicks and equip your website with the most modern solution to increase user experience. It comes with hundreds of features and value adds, which we will be discussing in detail in this post.

Best practices and advice for Business owners

Before we talk about the features that you get in, let us enlighten you about the best practices of integrating the chat plugin. There are many things to take care of before starting with live chat on your website. Optimizing all the steps in this section will directly affect your revenue. We will explain the importance of every change and human psychology that goes behind these marketing tactics.

1. Placement and Customization

Placement & Customization


Placement and customization of the chat widget play a significant role in human psychology. We, as humans, are programmed to react to specific colour changes and patterns. Here is the list of the standard and essential steps to follow – 

  • Place the chat option at the lower right side of the website. Since this pattern has been followed in almost all the sites, visitors tend to look for the chat option at that place in the first few seconds.
  • A Colour combination is an essential factor. New websites often make the mistake of choosing the same colours as the theme of the website. You have to make sure that the chat option stands out as one chat can convert a prospect into a sale. Never let the chat widget camouflage with the website colours and choose complementary colours instead.
  • Use engaging and attractive attention grabbers based on the theme of your website. will give you numerous options to integrate an attention grabber. 
  • Make sure to integrate separate designs for desktop and mobile versions. Every platform is different, and so does its user experience. 
  • Make sure to integrate and choose a creative font and size for the widget.
  • Last but not least, make sure to check your designs in every platform size. A/B testing is also an option if you are not confident about the effect of specific minor changes.

2. Pre chat forms and automatic responders

Pre chat forms and automatic responders

Pre-chat forms and automatic responders are some of the best ways for lead generation. Let’s understand both of them – 

  • Using pre-chat forms, you can collect emails or phone numbers of customers, which will add to your lead list. You can also integrate a chatbot with common questions and segregate the chat options if you receive a lot of chats regarding different products.
  • Automatic responders are used to responding to customers if a reply from your end is taking a lot of time. For example, you can integrate a message saying, “Thank you so much for your interest and patience. All the representatives are currently busy assisting other customers, please leave your message along with your email, and we will reply ASAP.”

3. Triggers


Triggers have been tested for their effectiveness in various studies. One trigger optimized at the proper time in your website can result in a change in your visitors’ buying behaviour. Let us share some important factors to consider on your website – 

  • You must plan the timing of the trigger. Using a trigger message in the first second usually looks spammy, and ideally, you should customize the message to appear after 30 seconds. gives you all the options to set up a signal at a particular time and design.
  • gives you the option to integrate algorithms with the trigger. You can set up separate trigger messages to appear on specific pages. Make sure to make a workflow of all the messages and include copywriting to convert customers.
  • Make sure to test the mobile version of the trigger. The trigger would block the screen in case of a mobile website, which is something that you don’t want, instead integrate a new message in the mobile version, which pops up only when you click on it.
  • Make sure to keep changing the triggers and the scripts according to the time of the year and also check every change that you do with these triggers.

4. Use the customer’s name

Humans are too connected with their names, and addressing the customer with their name is one of the first sales lessons that you will learn. Make sure to start each conversation by introducing your name and asking for the client’s name. Using the name in parts of the discussion will help increase your conversion chances.

5. Use Emojis


Emojis convey emotions and messages better than long pieces of text. Use 1880+ emojis that come along with to engage your customers and communicate better.

6. Assign departments and divide responsibilities gives you hundreds of options to divide responsibilities and departments within your company. Make sure to use the ticketing system to create tickets internally and track the progress of each problem. You can also assign specific products and services to particular team members.

Features in

There are many factors and considerations that you must take care of before integrating a chat feature on your website. There are various chat tools available that offer different functionalities depending on the price package that you buy.

The best thing about is that it offers all the premium features for free. There is no paid version of the application, and everyone enjoys every element.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the main features of

1. Similar integration across all platforms

Every single part of the chat feature is customizable, and you can integrate tested marketing tactics that are known to increase revenue with

The chat feature of your website will be integrated across all platforms. Every visitor on your site will get the same experience no matter if they visit from – 

  • Desktop Website
  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile App
  • And any other platform

2. Option to answer from multiple platforms

You can answer every query on your store using multiple options. You will get a custom dashboard with all data and an opportunity to chat. You can chat using the mobile application or the desktop dashboard as per your convenience and time.

3. Supports 27 languages

You can have customers from any part of the world. Getting an option to chat in regional languages opens channels to a large chunk of the customer base.

4. Geo IP tracking

You can easily integrate Geo IP tracking and have different results for users from specific countries. This can include popping in particular marketing messages in regional languages for specific customers from particular countries.

5. Aliases

Create custom profiles and aliases for members of your company. This is useful to divide tasks based on products and sections.

6. Analytics and Reporting

Data analytics is the core of every small and medium enterprise. You can potentially grow your business to any level with proper utilization of Data. gives you hundreds of options to analyze data, which will uncover critical business insights. Let me familiarize you to some of the main ones – 

  • Tracking sentiments during the chat. The algorithm contains AI scripts that can understand particular evident sentiments that can help you make decisions that give you results.
  • Track engagement of chats. Engagement levels of customers can be tracked to analyze offers and schemes. You can also beta test specific marketing campaigns to get an idea of the results before scaling them.
  • Unlimited History – Just like a call centre records calls to analyze them for quality, every chat is recorded, and you can access any of it at any particular time. This is a crucial factor in quality control.
  • Screen sharing – You can share the screen of your dashboard and chat windows with any of the team members. This is used for training and brainstorming purposes.
  • Detailed Reporting – The software provides comprehensive reporting for all the activities of your website. Extensive reporting options can help you analyze and make changes in your store. Every event in your store is directly proportional to the revenue of your store. You can correlate the number of chat windows to the success of your ad campaigns. You can even check different automated responses for the best ones and numerous other reporting options to help you grow.

7. Automation

Automation is the future of business in every field. Proper communication and message delivery can convert a prospect into a customer. Imagine automating copywriting scripts and message delivery for every customer. enable you to do all this and much more. Let’s discuss the significant automation features – 

  • Chatbot automated messaging – You can create a chatbot with predefined questions and answers that you must have seen in large corporations’ support messages. This is one of the most influential and modern tools, and with proper planning, you can automate most of your company’s support services.
  • Javascript API – You can integrate any specific Javascript API with This opens up all possibilities in the world. You can create your custom code for any particular feature or customization, and it will be integrated with one click. 
  • You can divide responsibilities and functions into departments. Every department of your company can be given a specifically customized dashboard. You can automate the duties and track every employee at the same time. 
  • Automated translation – You will get customers from numerous countries speaking different languages. The automatic translation feature in the application translates the message for your support team, which can reply in any language which will again be converted into the language of the customer.
  • Message filtering – You can filter specific messages belonging to any department, sentiment, action, or any particular criteria.
  • File transfer – The code behind the application enablers seamless file transfer during and after the chat. You can also enable specific set criteria using APIs or other methods to have an automatic transmission of particular kinds of files.

8. In chat payments 

In chat, payment is one of the most advanced used marketing techniques by leading E-commerce and SME players. It basically enhances the customer experience as it saves time and tiring steps to complete a purchase. With in chat payments enabled, customers can directly buy from the chat window after getting their doubts cleared about any product or service.

9. Emojis

Thousands of studies have been done on the role and power of emojis in delivering messages. Emojis invoke an emotional feeling and communication, which can change the opinions and buying behaviours of customers. You can convey a lot and also make an informal touch with prospects. consists of more than 1880 engaging emojis that you can use.

10. Notification methods

There are numerous methods for notification within the application. Some of the main ones are – 

  • Mail notifications
  • Agent alerts can be customized to deliver to specific agents of individual departments
  • Desktop notifications for the dashboard or otherwise
  • App notifications

11. High load Dashboard

An extensive dashboard with hundreds of features helps you to control everything from one window. The master dashboard lets you divide responsibilities and access all the reports and insights. You can even customize any section of your widgets and automate processes to improve the user experience further.

12. Security enable secure encryption of all the chats happening within your system. It takes care of you and your customer’s privacy and keeps it safe from hacking events and viruses.

13. Pre chat forms

You can create customized pre-chat forms for every customer. This feature has multiple benefits including – 

  • Lead generation as you can follow-up with the prospects to generate sales at a later stage
  • Analyze the conversation later to improve your systems
  • Take feedback from customers.

14. Agent to agent chat

You can easily configure and integrate agent to agent chat within the application. This helps junior employees to coordinate with seniors and also get answers from experts on particular products and services in your company.

15. Numerous other functions

There are hundreds of features within, all of which combined help you integrate anything that you can imagine. It is impossible to list each and every element in this post. Some of the major ones except the ones already mentioned are – 

  • Adding unlimited agents
  • Group messaging
  • Integrating video and voice with chat
  • Tags
  • Custom tabs
  • Attention Bubble
  • Message sneak-peek
  • Domain Restriction
  • Ban/Unban visitors
  • Visitor information
  • Scheduler
  • And many others


Every brand in the world has a unique identity. It is vital for you to have a chat system that resonates with your brand image and product. offers numerous customization options, and you can practically integrate any imaginable design into your chat widgets. Let’s understand all the available options.

Chat bubbles

You can have any particular chat bubble of your choice. There are a variety of options within the application consisting of almost all the colour combinations and designs, although you can also import your designs to suit your company.

Apart from the available designs, you can – 

  • Choose your colours
  • Choose your preferred fonts
  • Choose your size
  • Even choose your local languages depending on your needs and target audience

Remove Branding

Unlike other companies and chat widget software, allows you to remove their branding and use your text and logos. There are numerous companies already using the plugin on their website, and you can get to know if it is as they give you all the liberty to customize each section.

But I don’t have time to talk to customers? I cannot hire a dedicated support person for communication with This is what stops me!


Do you belong to the above category? We have had thousands of customers complain about the inability to deal with support and live chat for their company. Well, there are hundreds of thousands of business owners who face this problem.

Hired Agent service

For this specific problem, offers its hire agent service. This is a revolutionary concept in which you can hire professional chat experts. The process is pretty simple and starts at $1 per hour, which is the lowest we have ever heard of. You can practically hire dedicated human staff for your chat requirements and never miss another chat opportunity with your customers. 

Some of the features of this service are – 

  • A 24×7 access to the team. This gives the business owner the ability to reach the team at any point using group chat options to educate the support team about your products and services and answer their queries.
  • make sure to understand and study your business before assigning representatives.
  • handles millions of messages regularly, which gives them enough experience about all the major industries.

Virtual assistant hiring

While considering all the aspects of your business, you can also avail of the service of virtual assistant from The company has a great resource of talented individuals equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle critical tasks for Small & Medium Businesses. is one of our partners now!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Building a robust online presence is our forte, and we have experienced the results and changes that can be brought in by integrating live chat options. We have tested the results by performing A/B tests on various stores to analyze the difference.

This experience and the results we got were the sole reason for our partnership with 

Know it for yourself by integrating live chat and converting prospects to customers!