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My Career Advice for You That Your Parents May Not Like

Few days back a very good friend and brother of mine Souvick shared his blog post Desired.Waited.Acieved with me. You know how much I love dreamers, and this guy had a dream to get into IBM. Even after facing many challenges, he kept moving and finally made his dream a reality. He shared this experience in his blog post. I was so happy. I left a comment at his post, congratulating him and wishing for his best future, and I was about to leave. Just at that moment, Souvick messaged me on Facebook “your comment is very valuable there, for the fellow aspirants as well“. Honestly, first I thought can my comments be really valuable to IBM aspirants (or any Job aspirants)? As I never ever had any kind of experiences related to job – never wrote CV, never applied/appeared for/cleared any interview/GD etc. Been an Entrepreneur all my life. But then I thought, that I can definitely give some career advice, even if it’s not specific get-good-job tips. I went back to his post and edited my comment. I want to share the same with you. Please keep reading.

My Career Advice

My simple career advice for anyone is:


Don’t Waste Your Gifts

Don’t you compromise for a bit less than the life you deserve. Don’t you ever waste your gifts being brainwashed by society or emotionally blackmailed by near and dear ones ( sorry to be rude, but bitter truth).

If working for IBM means that much to you, then congratulation! Be an IBM rock star! Don’t you ever get distracted even if Katrina Kaif gives you marriage+1 Cr/month offer (kidding :p ).

Get Your Ass Kicked but Go For Your Dreams

But if anyone else reading this post is thinking “Wow! Souvickda got a job in IBM? His parents must be so proud! I need to drop my guitar and dream of being a singer & start preparing for IBM. Otherwise I’ll get my ass kicked soon”. Then let me tell you that you are making a big mistake. Get your ass kicked today, but go for your dream. Make less money if you can’t, take more time to succeed if you need, but follow your heart! If you get banged by a bus tomorrow ( God forbid), you won’t regret that you didn’t do what others wanted you to do, rather you’d regret all the things you wanted to do, but didn’t do.

Single Definition of Failure

You must have heard that there is no single definition of success. But let me tell you the one and only definition of failure LIVING WHOLE LIFE PRETENDING TO BE A PERSON YOU ARE NOT. A billionaire who wanted to be an astronaut is a failure, so is a great homemaker mom who wanted to be a singer. A poor shepherd boy is successful if all he ever wanted to travel and see the world. ( Read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho)

It’s Not Easy, but Worth Doing

I know some of you may be thinking. It’s easier said that done, we need to be practical, we need to take care of family… etc etc.

I know very well how tough it is. After completing 8 years in Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, ranking 269 in WBJEE, completing BE (ETC) from Shibpur BE college, when I decided to discontinue my academics & pursue my passion of Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth, I hope you can guess what I had to face from my family. I’m from Midnapur btw. People around me went in near shock that I was killing by bright career with my own hand. For last 7 years the doubts, insults, criticism I had to face from my closest people can’t be described in words. But you know the fun part? Everything was worth! Today when I wake up with excitement & go to sleep with deep satisfaction that I could spend whole day doing only the things I wanted to do, that compensate for everything.

I wish you all the same feelings some day. Be who you really are. Live your best life.

I’m Not the Only One to Give You This Advice

If you are listening to this advice for the first time in your life, and finding it completely different from what you are advised by your parents or teachers or people around you, then let me tell you that I’m not the only one to suggest you this. Ask/ read about any successful people ( I’m not talking about the liquor shop crore pati/ corrupted millionaire MLA in your hometown) ever born on earth, you’ll find the same advice rephrased in different words. I can give you countless examples, but I’ll limit to just one- probably one of the best.


I’ll also include an awesome video that’ll give you courage to follow your heart, and teach you to trust life.

Stanford Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs

In case you want to read the full text of the speech, click here.

Tell me what you think about my career advice? Do you follow your heart? Share you thoughts in comment section. Incase you want my help to decide your best career, check this page.

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