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Career Guide: Web Designer vs. Web Developer [Infographic]

It is confusing when it comes to choosing career between a web designer or web developer for many. Here is the career guide to help you choose the right one for you and grow in that.

Future scope inspires a few to opt this career. While the attractive web designs inspire others to choose this career. But there are chances for a person to choose the wrong one for his qualities. Our success in career lies in choosing one that aligns with our qualities.

Studies tell us that left-brained are artistic, creative, holistic and imaginative. While the right-brained are analytical, logical, sequential and technical. Based on these qualities, left-brained are perfect for web designing while the right-brained are perfect for web developing.

You may think what is the difference between the two. Web designer deals with the front end that is what we see which requires you to be creative. And web developer deals with the back-end which requires a skilled and logical person.

Check out the infographic by Rasmussen College provides you some valuable insights in this regard.

Career Guide: Web Designer vs. Web Developer – Infographic

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