improve memory

How To Focus Better: 8 Tips To Improve Memory [Infographic]

It became hard to memorize important things due to lack of focus because of many distractions. Using the tips in this infographic, you can improve memory by knowing how to focus better-keeping distractions away. Read more

Phone Addiction

How to Free Yourself from Your Phone Addiction [Infographic]

Technology is advancing to make things easier for us. But on the other side of the coin, it has some undesirable effects on us.

The mobile phone is invented to stay connected with our beloved ones who are far away. Then came smartphones, social networks.

All these technological advancements are leading us to mobile phone addiction.

Do you know an average person touches his smartphone 2617 times a day?

Mobile phone addiction became the next critical issue cause people are finding it difficult to concentrate because of smartphones.

Pointing to this issue, I am writing down the 10 ways to stay away from your phone. Read more