10 Power Packed Leadership Quotes

10 Power Packed Leadership Quotes [Infographic]

Quotes are always inspiring. They motivate us to do more, be more and achieve more. Moreover, when you read a strong quote it inspires you to think about the true meaning of the context. Here I present 10 power packed leadership quotes, on seeing them you definitely will think about the true meaning of leadership. Read more

Seth Godin TED Talk: The tribes We Lead – Priceless Marketing & Leadership Lessons

Just found this awesome video of Seth Godin giving a speech at a TED conference. You’ll get a fresh new perspective of Marketing & Leadership in today’s world. Gone are the days when only giant corporations with lots of money to buy lots of ads could sell their ideas to people. Now with the help of Internet & mass media, anyone can take an idea, build a tribe around it & start a movement. Watch the video & let me know what you think.
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