Network Marketing Opportunities are not Lottery Tickets

If you are reading this post, 99.99% probability is either you don’t know about Network Marketing or you think you know about Network Marketing. No offense but I’ve met very few people who actually know what Network Marketing industry really is. If you know nothing and willing to learn, nice. But if you think you know everything, please think again. How did you come to know about it?

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Are You Following Super MLM Man & Learning Valuable Network Marketing Lessons?

If you have seen the previous video, you know that Network Marketing legend Richard Bliss Brooke took an interesting initiative. He is interviewing random people on the street and asking about what they know about Network Marketing or even they have ever heard about it. The answers are funny, interesting and also eye opening for all Network Marketing distributor. Watch the video & also read the original article for the lessons.
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Network Marketing Lesson from Navy Seal Trainer

Found this awesome post by Eric Worre sir! It’s so true! If people just didn’t quit, they could have lived their dreams!

When You Hear “Network Marketing” What Comes to YOUR Mind?

Come on! Tell me. When you hear the word “Network Marketing” / “MLM” / “Multi-Level Marketing” what comes to your mind? Don’t hesitate, just be honest. I am just trying to get an understanding of what people think about this industry. If you are associated with the industry, try asking people around you online and offline this question. See how they respond. Industry legend Richard Bliss Brooke actually asked this questions to random people on the street, see the video above. ( Don’t miss his MLM man costume).

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