A To Z Of Depression From Live Love Laugh Foundation

Depression! It is the most common and most neglected problem of the majority of people. In this post, you can learn about 26 factors that affect mental health and remedies too. You can maintain mental health balance by following the tips in this post. Read more

Alternate educational system

An Alternate Educational System for Parents Who Dare & Care

As the kids are still unborn or too young to read this blog, I had to title it as ‘for parents’. And if you are a parent who is always afraid of what people might think or care more about your social impression than your kids’ happiness, then you are advised not to read further. If you are not a parent, then also this post will be very interesting (or disturbing) read for you. As I mentioned in my previous post, that I’m not-normal.  So our educational system never made sense to me. But still had to participate in the rat race for long until I became old enough to refuse. This twisted point view of mine resulted in lots of suspicions in people around me, and felt like alien for quite some times. But I’m glad that in last 7 years met many people who bear the same opinion as mine. And few months back, an interesting conversation with Sanjibda re-ignited the spark within me to wake people up from age-old brainwashing of our broken educational system. Download Free Report.

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How to Teach a Child to Keep Himself/Herself Safe from Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately an alarming number of children both boys and girls, experience sexual abuse in a very tender age. Sometimes even from the people close to them. These terrible experiences not only confuse or scare them in their childhood, but for most it leaves a severe emotional wound for whole life. Experiencing sexual abuse in childhood may results in guilt, fear of relationship, hesitation to intimacy,troubles in sex life, suicidal tendency, depression etc even after growing up. But the most difficult part in preventing this is how to make a kid aware of this. But beautiful video by CHILDLINE India Foundation made it so easy!
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