Video Marketing Campaign

10 must-haves for a highly successful video marketing campaign [Infographic]

Nowadays running a video marketing campaign became the latest trend. We can promote our brand effectively with the use of purpose-driven videos. A well-curated video marketing campaigns can yield you the best results. Here, you can learn how to do it that brings you maximum CTR. Read more

Meetup Magic – Connecting with Online Friends Offline | LYBL VBlog

What is Meetup? Meetup is a formal/ informal get together, where people who know/doesn’t know each other online can meet in person. Do you meet your online friends offline? No matter whether you are using Social Networks for just making new friends or for building meaningful connections as a professional, you should consider attending Meetup.
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Why desire doesn't get fulfilled-Law of Attraction

What Really is Law of Attraction (LOA) ? | LYBL VBlog

Have you heard about the term Law of Attraction? If you haven’t, I’ll suggest you to read this post first. If you are already aware of the concept of Law of Attraction, this video will help you to sharpen your understanding. Let me know what you think in the comment section. And share the video with others if you find it interesting.
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What You Believe Becomes Your Personal Truth | LYBL VBlog

You have seen in a previous post that eminent health psychologist Kelly McGonigal disclosed that it’s not stress that is harmful but people’s attitude toward stress is the real culprit. I mentioned there that it’s true not just in related to ‘stress’ but about anything in life. Watch this video to find out how what you believe becomes your own personal truth.
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5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Right Career | LYBL VBlog

Don’t you think that you career choice affects every aspects of your life? Watch this video to see the 5 tips that can help you choose your right career.
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Can You Make Yourself Happy?

Don’t you think our lives can be a whole lot fun if we just learn to make ourselves happy? Instead of expecting others to make us happy? That’s what today’s episode is all about. Please give your feedback.
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