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What to Expect in Content Marketing in 2018 [Infographic]

The term Content Marketing is very confusing for many people when they first get to know about it.

  • So here in this article, I am discussing this topic.
  • I met a blogger who started his career 10 months back. He is very good at creating content.
  • But the problem is he is not getting the desired traffic to his website which is affecting his business.
  • He doesn’t know he is missing.
  • Can you guess what he is missing?


  • He is not creating the content that converts.
  • A great content, that doesn’t meet our goal, is useless.
  • So how to create the content that converts?
  • Do the techniques that we use for content marketing are sufficient for 2018?

Read this article to find it out.

Things covered

  • Content Marketing Cycle
  • The Benefits of Content Marketing
  • Going Beyond the Screen
  • Live Streaming
  • Making your own Influencers
  • Being More Transparent

A Look Ahead: What to Expect in Content Marketing in 2018 – Infographic

Take a look at this infographic. It has the step by step procedure to an excellent content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Cycle

Content Marketing

So to create the content that converts

  • First, we need to find the behaviour of our tribe.
  • Analyse it and decide the theme and topics of your content.
  • Then create the content in the most compelling manner.
  • Promote the content to Social Media followers, Email subscribers, Push Subscribers, Facebook Messenger bot subscribers & other promotional channels.
  • The majority will think that their role ends here but our next crucial step is re-analyzing our customer behaviour.
  • Analytics can be used to learn more about our potential customer and where they are on the buying journey.

If you do this then you will know what type of content is attracting the customers more and plan your future content accordingly.

What are  the Benefits of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Source: SEO Mania

When done right, Content Marketing can offer many benefits like:

  • Website traffic growth
  • Improved audience engagement
  • more leads and conversions
  • Competitive advantage
  • Better brand awareness.

Going Beyond the Screen

Almost everyone follows the steps described in the Content Marketing Cycle. Then what makes you stand out?

We stepped into 2018 and smart devices are being created every day. So you can take advantage of this in 2018. People are staying connected using Virtual Assistants, smart watches, and smart home appliances.

You know what? Honor company is launching first AI Phone soon. Yeah, you got my point. we soon are gonna use AI too to stay connected with our buddies. So we should look for ways to reach out to customers using these technological advancements.

Live Streaming

Oh, buddy what you saw is absolutely correct.  You may be thinking how to use live streaming. Live streaming has become so popular because of the platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Another interesting thing is, “In a survey of consumers, 82% prefer watching a live video over other types of social posts from businesses. You can live stream new product releases, special events, and tutorials.

Make Your Own Influencers

Consumers can become important tools for content marketing in 2018. It is our nature that if we love something, we share it with everybody. In the same way, if customers like our company they become our brand ambassadors.

So, you have to focus on providing the best products and custom content that will encourage consumers to become more vocal in their support for the brand.

Everyone Loves the  Transparency

What makes a relationship between two stronger?

Have you ever thought about this?

Yes, trust.

What builds trust?

Yes, it is transparency between them.

Everyone loves the person who is transparent.

Blogging is also like building relations with everyone. The stronger the relations you build, the stronger will be your brand.

Again transparency plays the key role in building relations. So the person who is transparent wins the race.

So you need to be more transparent in order to build your brand through content marketing.

So here it is guys. I believe this information is useful. If you still want to know any more information, do comment below. If you feel this is useful, share this article so it will be useful for someone somewhere. If you don’t feel so, let me know by posting your comment below stating where I need to improve content. All valuable inputs are always welcome. See you tomorrow.