creating a digital marketing strategy

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

The success of your company lies in creating an effective digital marketing strategy. In this post, you will learn the steps needed in creating a digital marketing strategy.

10 Simple Steps In Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy – Infographic

The below infographic has the 10 steps to follow to create a great digital marketing plan.

creating a digital marketing strategy

Source: Reginald Chan

Newbies can use this post to create a digital marketing plan for their blog.  Existing bloggers can use to review their plan. When I started my first blog I didn’t know about all this stuff, you are so lucky in that case if you are a new blogger.

You can also take a look at this post of Dr. Dave Chaffey’s Free Digital Marketing Plan Template on Smart Insights for the better understanding.

Did I miss anything? Or do you want an explanation on any step? Let us know by comments below. If you want professionals to design a digital marketing strategy, you can always reach us by dropping an email.