Awesome Website

Want to Develop an Awesome Website? Here is the Checklist [Infographic]

When I got fascinated by blogging, I decided to build an awesome website. On taking Decision to learn everything by doing, I chose a topic I am good at. I chose a unique domain. I researched and selected hosting from Godaddy because it is in my budget.

Do you know what happened next? I faced some issues regarding the website. The website is slow. I changed the website theme thrice.

Many beginners also might have faced the same issues. So I am writing an article on this topic today.

Let’s consider, you wanna go for trekking. What will you do? You will make a list of all necessary things and start to collect them. Once you are ready with all the requirements, you will go for it.

You have to do the same with developing a website. You have to make a list of all the requirements. Once you are ready with all the necessary things, you can start building your awesome website.

Can I find all the requisites in one place?

Yeah. Check the below infographic.

Want to Develop an Awesome Website? Here is the Checklist – Infographic

Awesome Website

Credits: Crispy Codes

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PS: Don’t build a website on the things/ brand which you don’t own.

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