Dreams Reveal Hidden Truth

Let Your Dreams Reveal What You Are Hiding From Yourself

Dreams are also great indications of what is deep buried in your mind that you need to work on. Sometimes you are giving your best in your every waking hour, thinking positive thoughts, you are happy most of the times, you are taking necessary actions steps, but somehow you are not getting the desired results. You are not living the life you wanted. It seems like you have everything, but still as if something is missing from your life. Some void inside, that is haunting you, but you can’t identify. Haven’t you ever felt it?

Pay Attention to Your Dreams

In this situation, it will be very helpful for you, if you just pay attention to your dreams. Go to sleep with the intention “I want to remember my dreams. I want my dreams to reveal to me, everything I am trying to hide from myself”. Then go to sleep in a very relaxed mood. Keep a dream journal if possible to keep record of your dreams, just after you wake up. You may not remember later. You’ll find many fascinating points to work on!


Your Conscious Mind Is Suppressing The Truth

When you are awake, your conscious mind, logical mind is giving you access to only those thoughts and feelings ( imagine as limited computer data) in your mind that can help you APPEAR as smart, brave, intelligent, rational, logical, positive etc. Most of the time, it may be SUPPRESSING the truth. Why?


You Trained Your Conscious Mind in That Manner

Because, you trained your mind in that manner. For example,
  • When you felt sad and wanted to cry out loud, you trained your mind that it was foolish to do so. What will others think of a grown up like you crying?
  • When you wanted to shout in anger, you gave instruction to your mind to rather suppress it to appear as calm and quite person to others.
  • When you  wanted to pursue your passion – being a singer, dancer, artist, Entrepreneur, teacher, scientist, astronaut, model – whatever it was, you gave instruction to your mind to rather bury it deep down & accept your so called real career to earn a living. After all everyone does that, right?
  • The unexplainable love you felt for someone, but you suppressed it thinking you weren’t good enough, or society won’t approve etc etc.

All these behaviors trained your conscious mind to hide a large amount of data from the world and even from yourself.


All These Suppressed Thoughts & Feelings Are Slowing You Down

All these thoughts, feelings, desires, hurts are hidden, suppressed – but they are still there. And these are slowing your down. Just like the background & hidden processes slow a computer down. So how do you get your computer back on track? Deal with those processes. Kill or format in worst case scenario. In case of your mind, you have to do the same, but with love and patience.


8 Action Steps to Get Back on Track & Live Your Best Life:

  1. Re-train your mind not to hide or suppress what you really think or how you really feel.
  2. Convince yourself that there isn’t any standard guidebook on how you should think or feel. ( If someone gives you one, throw it on their face). You aren’t a slave buddy.
  3. If someone or society doesn’t approve of what you think or how you feel, that’s their problem not yours.
  4. Take help of your dreams to find out what is already suppressed deep down in your mind.
  5. If you can’t accept yourself as who you are, how can someone else will? Don’t live a lie.
  6. Accept all the hurts & wounds, feel it and release it in positive ways. Shouting inside closed doors, punching pillows, running…anything. Just let it go, once and for all. Don’t let them occupy space in your mind any more.
  7. Go for what you really want. Do what will make you happy for real, not what will make you appear happy.
  8. Read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay for more help. Flipkart Amazon.


Did you find this post helpful? Do you want to share how your dreams has helped you to find the truth about yourself? Please share in the comment section. I’d love to read.

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