Evernote - How It Saved My Neck ( & blog) and Can Save Yours Too!

Evernote – How It Saved My Neck ( & blog) and Can Save Yours Too!

Imagine that you are a blogger and one fine morning you wake up and find that one of your most popular blog posts isn’t showing its images. You search for the images in your server, your hard disk … but you can’t find the images there! And as the images are related to the content of the blog post, you can’t replace those with new images either. What would you do?

I don’t know what you would do, but I can suggest you what you SHOULD do so that it doesn’t happen again. My suggestion is simple: Keep everything saved in Evernote.

How Evernote Saved My Neck Yesterday [YouTube Video]

Well Evernote saves my neck quite often. Watch this video to see how it saved my neck aka my popular blog post yesterday.

Images from the blog post 10 Facebook Mistakes to Avoid were missing. I couldn’t find those images anywhere.

I checked the date of publishing: 26th March 2014.

Then I went back to the notes saved in Evernote on that date. And guess what? I found the images!

Finding images in evernoteNow getting back the images are easy: Just right click on image within the note, and click ‘save as’ … then save as image-name.png.

Save images from evernote

That’s it. Then used the images in appropriate places in that blog post and revived the post in its healthy condition.

How Evernote Saved My Neck When I wanted a New Pair of Glasses

Don’t think that Evernote helps only in professional stuffs. Few days back when I was going to order a new pair of glasses, couldn’t find the eye power test results. Small piece of paper, naturally lost it.

Glad I took a snapshot of it immediately after getting it.


Lifesaver, isn’t it?

I can go on and on about numerous times when Evernote helped me find things quick when I needed that most.

Takeaway Point: Save Everything in Evernote

1. Take Snapshots of Important Documents:

Takea snapshot with Evernote for Android

Make it a habit of taking snapshots of important documents with your Evernote mobile app ( iOS Android Blackberry Windows Phone). The images will be synced to Evernote account and all other devices where you are using Evernote.

2. Add Important Folders:

Add important folders of your PC to Evernote, so that whenever you add any new content in those folders it get automatically added and synced.

Import folders into evernote


Need the instructions? Read this.

3. Clip Online Contents with Web Clipper:

If you spend a lot of time online reading and researching (like me), this browser extension can be your best friend.

Save anything and everything you like by clicking the browser extension:

Save online content using evernote web clipper

Or you can just right click on the content and select clipping options:

Right click and clip into evernote

Read this tutorial to learn more about the web clipper.

That’s all for now.

I’ll soon come up with a detailed blog post/ guide on Evernote. Keep an eye on my blog updates.

Share Your Experience

So did you ever face situations like these, where you couldn’t find something very important? What solutions did you find?

Do you already use Evernote? Do you like it? Share your experience with us.

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    • Sourav Ghosh says:

      Thanks Iftekar. Though there are some common features like backing up files, but I think Evernote is quite different than One Drive or iCloud. One Drive and iCloud are online storage where you can just keep your files backed up or synced between multiple devices.

      Evernote web clipper is really powerful. I don’t know whether you can clip things from Internet so easily to One Drive or iCloud.

      Also the text in the images/documents/PDFs is searchable in Evernote. That’s a very powerful future. Being able to search files not just on the basis of file names but file content is really useful.

      I use One Drive sometimes to backup some large files or share some files with others. But never used iCloud. I guess because I don’t have any Apple device 🙂

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