Facebook ads and Google Adwords

Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads [Infographic]

Facebook ads and Google Adwords are the most powerful means for promotion. What we generally know is, Ads play the key role in the accomplishment of our goals. The goals may be driving traffic to our website/blog or getting sales to the e-commerce website. The beginners may find it confusing when it comes to choosing different platforms to get the desired outcomes.

Beginners try to achieve their goals with all platforms finally ending up with getting negative results. To help you avoid this, I am writing on “How to use Facebooks ads and Google AdWords to maximize the results.”

I won’t go too much into the details of what is Facebook ads and  Google Adwords. You can find about them in Google itself.

Digital Marketing is all about integrating all the available platforms to accomplish our goals. So if we have two different platforms to place ads, then definitely there is some unique purpose with them.

How to find that purpose?

It is simple. What for people hang out on facebook?

Yeah to stay connected with their friends.

What happens if you push them to buy something if they are not in a mood to buy?

Yeah, all your efforts will go in vain.

So, Facebook Ads is not a good option at demand fulfillment. They serve the best at demand generation.

To make the purchase decision, people search on Google. So Google Adwords serve best at demand fulfillment.

Remember this thing:

Facebook Ads is for demand generation and Google Adwords is for demand fulfillment.

How to use Facebooks Ads and Google AdWords to maximize the results – Infographic

Here you can find all the information you have to know about Facebook ads and Google Adwords in the below infographic.

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Credits: Adespresso

If you have any questions comment below, I am ready to help you. Are you implementing this already? I am curious to know.