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HYROS: Attribution, Tracking & Optimisation Solution – Everything You Want to Know

Spending more than 10,000 USD per month on online Ads?

Generating more than 40,000 USD per month in revenue?

Not satisfied with the results?

Can’t rely on data from Facebook Ad Manager & other Ad Platforms in ‘post iOS 14 apocalyptic’ world? Confused with Google Analytics data?

Looking for a solution to more accurately attribute leads & sales to each marketing channel in your Omni-channel strategy? You have come to the right place. Read on. [Update: We’ve shifted to Triple Whale, Compare both, you’ll realise why. Blog post soon.]

Please note that what you are reading is based on our Agency’s real experience with Hyros using it for our clients from mid-2021. Practical info. 

Now let’s talk data.

Data is a crucial element for reaching your target audiences and tracking the efficacy of your Facebook ads (Advertising & Marketing in general) –and the right tools can help you stay on track.

Proper attribution is also another major thing marketers confront in today’s world. To put it in context, you could be getting a lot more or fewer sales than your Google or Facebook ad manager or Google Analytics are reporting.

In an Omni-channel marketing strategy, generally, more than 1 channel becomes a touchpoint in the customer journey & influences the conversion. Native Ad Managers or Google Analytics are not equipped to give you proper insights by their very nature. Also due to their tracking method of using a piece of code snippet, none of them can reliably track each user & their journeys over a long period of time. 

This is where platforms such as HYROS come into play. HYROS, formerly known as Market Hero, is Alex Becker’s SaaS company designed for growing businesses who wants to scale and/or increase their profitability.
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What is HYROS?

What is HYROS?

Hyros is a company that specializes in data analytics. They keep track of the success or failure of various marketing campaigns, such as email, websites, social media, and more.

The Hyros software is a highly accurate ad tracking software package that helps marketers manage their ad campaigns. It captures vital data by tracking URLs, pixels, and cookies. Marketers can use this information to calculate conversion rates and alter their marketing strategies to improve them.

HYROS employs ad tracking to keep track of things like Landing pages, Funnels, Traffic sources, Sales, Emails, Phone calls & Contact form submissions.

The platform has the potential to save digital advertisers 20 to 30 percent on ad spend while having no negative impact on sales. It claims to be able to “train” the Google and Facebook AIs to find clients online in a far more cost-effective manner.


It automatically aggregates data to provide you with a more complete picture of your advertising campaigns. It tracks your clients’ actions beginning with the first click and continuing until the last click thereby allowing users to tap into every tier of the marketing funnel in order to correctly evaluate which ads, campaigns, and platforms are performing best.

Until you start wasting hours upon hours analyzing trends and interpreting data, the numbers are a marketer’s best friend. It’s a challenge that many marketers face, so if this matches you, you’re not alone.

HYROS collects and analyzes all relevant data points to illustrate where and how users are moving online.

  • It keeps track of clicks and conversions.
  • A central hub allows you to view your traffic sources.
  • The tracking system is based on ten data points.
  • You will receive thorough information indicating which ads are providing the best ROI.
  • It provides an accurate method of tying conversions to the source.
  • When compared to other monitoring methods, you may trace over 70% more of your sales to the source.
  • It enables you to determine the most profitable ad campaigns.
  • You will save up to 10-15% on your advertising expenses.
  • It gives you a centralized data source that is collected from multiple traffic sources.
  • It calculates your LTV on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.
  • It is comparatively more user-friendly than similar tools. A business owner or marketer can understand it. You don’t need to be a data scientist, at least for the basics.

Why Hyros? (The Features!)

High Efficient Tracking

Price Tracking

With HYROS, you can see your customer’s whole journey. Every click and every transaction made by the customer is logged.

As all of the data is mapped in one profile, it can be viewed on the simple-to-use dashboard. The platform tracks clients based on ten data points and integrates them all to provide laser-accurate tracking.

Unlike Ad Platforms or Google Analytics, HYROS user profiles are tied to the first Email ID that the user submits on the website with the HYROS tracking code installed. So even if the user changes browser, device, or clear cookies, the moment they come back to the website & use the same Email ID, current interactions are recorded into their profile. Even when they use a different Email ID, they are identified with other data stored on their profile & the new Email ID is attached to the profile as well.

That gives HYROS the best advantage compared to Facebook or other Ad Manager Pixel Tracking or Google Analytics tracking, to track user journey & multiple conversions over a long period of time.

It integrates directly into the business, and the user can clearly see the Facebook and Google tracking they are missing, reducing both missed sales and confusion. Users of the platform can routinely credit 30 to 40% more sales to the adverts. Overall, the platform allows you to see the customer’s actual LTV. It tracks the customer’s entire moves, from the initial ad click to the final one.

You can view the long-term Return On Investment on your ads, weeks, months, even years after the original click. This is primarily due to the fact that HYROS was developed with everything from the long click to the sales cycle in consideration.

It also specializes in making many aspects of info-marketing easier to track.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

HYROS allows you to get a detailed breakdown of all traffic and determine how profitable it is. The software uses all of the data to provide reports that show you the exact ad source that is producing the actual Return On Investment.

The chrome application allows customers to view HYROS’s hyper-accurate tracking directly in the Facebook and Google Ads dashboards. HYROS excels in tracking long sales funnels, sales calls, down sales, upsells, memberships, recurring sales, and a variety of other metrics.

You may see the clients’ complete journey as well as the traffic sources. It combines all traffic sources into a single hub and allows customers to interact with your whole online presence. You no longer have to “guess” your consumers’ actions.

Customizable Attribution Models

Attribution Model

The platform allows you to examine customer attribution in a variety of ways at the same time. You can modify it according to your needs, from the first click to the last click and splitting up the click value. It also allows you to set time limits for attribution sources.

Makes Your AD AI Smarter

Makes Your Ad AI Smarter

Artificial Intelligence is used by both Facebook and Google to effectively find customers. However, their Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data it receives. Post ‘Apple iOS14’ fiasco, Ad Platforms are losing a lot of on-site conversion data, especially if the majority of buyers are on iOS14 (or higher) users. That’s messing up optimization capabilities. 

HYROS captures these missing conversion data, can send that back to the Ad Platforms, allowing the ad platform to quickly learn and improve its performance. That inevitably leads to lower costs per acquisition.

Call Optimization

Call Optimization

HYROS has the ability to track sales calls as well as customers who can convert via phone. Even when you’re not connected to the internet, it can track your entire sales call funnel ROI.

The platform is designed to plug in and then report on every layer of the call funnel, even if the user’s device or email address changes. HYROS customer support team claims to give customer support to each business to setup such tracking.

Easy Set-Up

HYROS is quite simple to set up. They have detailed documentation. And you can reach out to their support staff for help as well.

Stop “Traffic Source” Confusion And Missed Sales

Sale Attribution

The application lets you plug into your entire business and view information that Google and Facebook tracking miss. According to HYROS, their customers can consistently attribute 30-40% greater sales to their ads!

See Your Customer True LTV

Customer True LTV

From the first ad click to the end of time, HYROS keeps track of your customers’ every move. This allows you to see your ad’s long-term ROI weeks, months, and even years after the first click.

Track Your Customer’s Journey Across All Traffic Sources

All Traffic Sources

HYROS consolidates all of your traffic sources into a single hub, allowing you to see how your customers interact with your entire online presence. Never again will you have to “guess” what your customers are doing.

See How Much A Customers Spends Over Their Entire Lifetime

Customer LTV

They claim that Long click-to-sale cycles were taken into consideration when creating HYROS. The Platform specializes in tracking sales calls, LONG sales funnels, upsells, down sales, recurring sales, and memberships from the first click to the last click over the course of days, months, and years allowing us to see and understand how much your customer is spending.

Tracks All Parts of Info Marketing

Tracks All Parts of Info Marketing

Info business is not a simple single thing. Multiple traffic sources, complex funnels, and a plethora of unique layers are all present in info businesses. HYROS makes it simple for you to track these layers.

See the Entire Breakdown of All Your Traffic

Entire Breakdown of All Your Traffic

With HYROS, you can see a complete breakdown of all your traffic and how profitable it is, as this information is used to create reports that show you which ad sources are delivering a TRUE ROI.

Overall, Provides an Easy “Profit” Marketing Road Map by conveniently converting all your confusing data!


While HYROS advertising software has a lot to offer, it does have a few drawbacks.

  • It’s only available for businesses spending at least $10K on Ads & generating at least $40K in revenue.
  • HYROS Reports with different attribution modeling can show you how each marketing channel (and even campaign, ad set/ad group, ad in certain channels) contribute to your total conversion as per that attribution model. But that doesn’t give you an instant clear picture of how each channel is influencing your overall bottom line.
  • While the dashboard is user-friendly, the reports have predefined column sets and groups, and the metrics cannot be customized.
  • Too much emphasis on the ‘Last Click Attribution Model’ in their documentation, which can be super misleading for many businesses.
  • There is no way to process various touchpoints for a large number of customers or leads in bulk. You have to check each customer journey manually. You can’t even export all customer journey data.

To be honest, it’s far from perfect. Need a lot of improvements. But even in its current state, it can help you take a lot of data-driven decisions to optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy.


Hyros price for small to medium-sized businesses start at $399 per month with a yearly subscription, with Enterprise options also available. This sum can range from $1,000 to $2,000 to $3,000 each month, depending on your company’s sales.

HYROS has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t recoup your investment or observe an increase in ad ROI, you may request a refund, which they will provide.

90-day money-back guarantee


The best tools on the market save you time and money. As long as your business fits into their market, HYROS is a good tool. Would we make use of it? Certainly! In fact, we have been using HYROS for quite a while to assure you that it is one handy tool.

We found Hyros to be very useful especially when we used them with some clients who were in eCommerce as it allowed us more insight into their customers’’ behavior online.

The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be to entice them. HYROS is essential for marketers that run advertisements and spend tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Though it’s too early to come to a solid interpretation, we’ve started using HYROS for our own clients & recommending it to other business owners & marketers to get their opinion as well. 

Give it a try by clicking here.

Don’t forget to share your experience with HYROS. 

Using any better tools or systems for the same purpose? We’d be delighted to know! Please share in the comment.

[Update: We’ve found a better alternative: Triple Whale.]