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Complete Guide To Influencer Marketing [Infographic]

Social Marketing trends are changing rapidly. Read this post to find out details about Influencer Marketing. What is influencer marketing and how effective it is in modern marketing and why you have to invest in it?

What is a Social Media Influencer?

Before we talk about a social media influencer, let me tell you why influencer marketing is getting much importance.

Let me give you an example, before going to the point directly. Just consider you want to buy a car, what will you do? Will you take the promotional ads as the reference and make the buying decision? No obviously not. You will go to your friends or relatives who might know about it.

Am I right? Yeah, this is why influencer marketing is becoming more popular nowadays. Here social media influencer plays the role of your friends and relatives. He is the person who built trust among his followers and when he promotes anything his followers definitely try it.

Check out the below infographic designed by the Influencer Marketing Experts at Izea to learn the insights.

influencer marketing

Credits: Izea

Psychology of Influencer Marketing – Infographic

In the below infographic, you can learn the psychology of influencer marketing and how it helps you to multiply your sales.

influencer marketing

Credits: BuzzStream & Fractl

Isn’t this type of marketing with influencers good? Yeah, that’s why you need to be careful while proceeding with influencers. Seeing the scope of this, many are getting into the disguise of the influencers by buying followers or impressions. And they are getting returns on their investment by faking near clients. So it is really important to know how much influence the influencers have.

Read this post of Vir Sanghvi titled “How bloggers and social media influencers are conning luxury brands“.

Here is the tweet about which Vir Sanghvi mentioned in his article.

Elinor Cohen’s article on Medium addressing the same. Have a look at it.

How You Can Build Social Relationships With the Help Of Influencers – Infographic

In the below infographic designed by Sprout Social, you can learn how you can build social relationships with the help of influencers.

influencer marketingg

Credits: Sprout Social

Why Invest in Influencer Marketing – Infographic

Though you know the benefits of anything, you won’t take a look at it until you know why it is important. In the below infographic you can learn why to invest in it.

influencer marketing

Credits: Traackr

Insights from Experts:

Amisha Gandhi, the head of the influencer marketing at SAP. You can ask her any question that you have regarding influencer marketing, she responds really quick. As we all know, everyone is inclined to find the ROI. When it comes to Influencer Marketing the question is how to find the ROI? Amisha Gandhi answered it providing her valuable insights. You can check it in the below screenshots.

One of our community asked us to write on Influencer Marketing. So, we created a detailed post on this. If you still have any questions regarding this, let us know. We are ready to help you out. If you want us run campaigns with influencers drop an email our team can run them for you.