32 Inspiring Photo Quotes with Life Lessons I learnt in Life

32 Inspiring Photo Quotes with Life Lessons I Learnt in Life

Life teaches us lessons every moment, isn’t it? If we are willing, we can learn from anyone and anything – from nature, the books we read, movies we watch, people we encounter, experiences we face. Though I believe that everyone learns best from their own experiences, but if we take some time to share what we are learning, it might make someone else’s journey a bit easier. That’s what I do, that’s what my purpose is. And in this post I’ve compiled different lessons of life, business and social media I’ve learned in my journey. Instead of writing only long paragraphs on the lessons, I’m sharing these lessons as inspiring photo quotes. Keep it on your phone or computer, pin it, share it, send it to someone who is in need of that particular lesson right now.


Before starting this post, I want to express my gratitude to some people and one service, without whom I couldn’t have created these graphics.

  • I’m blessed to have two great photographer friends Kuntal and Shuvarthy, and my sister from Portugal Sofia; who kindly allowed me to use their beautiful photographs for these photo quotes.
  • No amount of gratitude is enough for Canva , using which I could create these awesome photo quotes in minutes.
  • I’m grateful to all those people and experiences who taught me these lessons.

Inspiring Photo Quotes on Life, Business and Social Media

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Here they are:

1. Make Peace with Your Present:

Make peace with your present to create a beautiful future - inspiring photo quote

Don’t fight with your present. Don’t hate your present. Your present financial condition, relationship, health – make peace with your present condition. May be you are not living the life you had wanted, but still be grateful that you are living. And then focus on fabricating the beautiful future you want.

2. Let Go of Expectations from Others:


Did you notice that we get most hurt because we tend to expect certain behaviors from others, specially those people who matter most in our life? Every moment countless people are experiencing heartbreaks just for this ‘expectation’. Let it go my friend. You might be thinking ‘Why can’t I expect these small things from my life partner/ parents/ children/ friends?’. Because no matter how justified it might sound, it will give you nothing but pain. There is no way you can control the behaviors of other people. So let it go, not to make a favor to these people, but for the sake of your own peace.

 3. Our Opinion About Anything Reflects Our Inner Condition:


Isn’t it very interesting? Remember those moments when you experienced pain, frustration, failure, heartbreak (sorry for reminding). How did you feel about the world at that moment? Didn’t the world seem to be a cruel place to live in, an endless battle? Now remember those moments when you felt joy, excitement, passion, love. Didn’t the world seem to be the heaven to live in? Like an exciting adventure? How is that possible? The same person feels different about the same world at different times. Why? Because of the different feelings frequency of the person. This is why the study of science of mind is so fascinating. When you feel good, everything and everyone seem to be good, and when you feel bad hell breaks loose. It’s all in your mind.

 4. Be Busy Doing What You Love:


I am giving you a great formula for a happy life here. Be so busy doing what you love, that you don’t give yourself any scope to focus on the things you hate. Trust me, the person who is engaged in something they love, doesn’t have time to criticize others, gossip or complain about anything or anyone else.

 5. Learn to Control Your Reactions:


I’ve read a line somewhere ” It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it, that shapes your life”. So true! You can’t control other people, neither can you control the twists and turns in your life. Someone may behave rudely to you, that’s not in your hand. But now your reaction is completely in your control. You can be angry and shout back at the person, or burn inside, or keep thinking about it whole day or you can just let it go focusing on something that you feel good about. Yes, your ‘peace’ is in your own hand.

 6. Your Self-worth Will Determine Your Net Worth:


I have met so many people who attach their self-worth so much on their financial condition. And that keep them stuck at that same position for life. Don’t live in the misconception that first you’ll get the Million $ and then you’ll have the self-worth of a millionaire. The process is exactly reverse. Every successful person has high self-worth.

 7. Life is a Race … Only if You Participate


I was always told “Life is a race”. Actually I did participate in the race until I was 19. Race to be the topper of the class, race to be the most decent boy in the neighborhood, race to this and that. And trust me I was mostly a winner. But someone told me “Even if you win a rat race, you’ll still be a rat”. And that woke me up. Why waste my life running in races that didn’t matter to me? And from that day (I was 19), I refused to participate in any race. Semester marks didn’t matter to me anymore, didn’t submit my bio data, didn’t sit for any job interview, didn’t sit for any exams after graduation … just focused on doing what I loved. And that made all the difference! A whole new world opened up for me. (Wanna know more? Read the about me page)

 8. Be Patient to Find What You Are Searching For:


Don’t you give up ever, no matter what you are searching for – love, success, peace, inner calling. Trust me, you always find what you are searching for. May be not at the moment you want, but eventually for sure, if you don’t stop searching.

 9. Trust Life:

Art of Allowing

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t have to know all the ‘how’s of life. How will you be successful? How will you meet your soul mate? Doesn’t electricity work also for those, who don’t know how it works? Then why won’t life? When you let go of the need to know the ‘how’, infinite possibilities open up for you. You don’t have to know all the paths in advance, it will be shown to you, if you just trust life. Stop trying to solve the equations of life. “Why did it happen to me?” “Why did I fail even after so much trying?” “How can he/she leave me when I loved him/her so much?”. Stop. You’ll understand everything one day, when the time is right. One day you’ll be able to connect all the dots, but don’t force today. Stop trying to control or change anything outside yourself. Stop trying to force feed anyone. Let go, trust life and enjoy the present.

 10. You are Fortunate or You are Like Everyone Else:


Do you have a person in your life who stands by your side when you are going through most troubling situations? Then you are among the most fortunate people in the world! You don’t have such a person? Don’t be sad. Because most people in this world are just like you. They are fighting their toughest battles alone. If you can remember this, you can be stronger.

 11. How to Live Happiest:


You know happiest people on earth are not necessarily the richest or most popular ones, neither the poorest or the least popular ones. Happiest people are those who know how to enjoy the smallest wonders of life – the rain drops, the sun rise, the gentle wind, the tune of the singing birds, smile of children … you can’t finish counting. Don’t attach your happiness to anyone or anything, not even your goals and dreams or the people whom you love most.

 12. Recharge Yourself:


In last 7 years I have seen something very unfortunate again and again. I’ve met people who used to inspire thousands of people to live their best lives. But after few years, I saw most of these inspiring figures gave up on their dreams themselves. Why? Because they kept giving and giving, but didn’t take time to recharge themselves. They gradually depleted their reservoir and gave up one day. Blessed I am that I got right guidance early. Everyday I took few hours to read inspiring books, listen to inspiring audios, watch enlightening videos. It kept me going. In last years I’ve listened to struggles, problems, challenges of thousands of people and helped them overcome those. If I didn’t take time to feed my mind regularly, all their problems would have hijacked my brain and I would have given up also. So do you have to keep recharging yourself again and again? Understand this – electric lamp needs daily recharging but Sun doesn’t. Be the sun. Know your true self. Connect to the source energy/ God/ infinite intelligence, you’ll have unlimited energy.

 13. How to Protect Yourself From Evil:


If you can keep your mind away from evil, you’ll keep evil away from life. And if there is love, compassion and forgiveness in your heart, then there is light in your heart. And darkness of evil can’t survive light.

14. You are Worthy Being Who You Are:


Never consider yourself unworthy just because you can’t please your parents / spouse/ children/ anyone else. If you are true to yourself, you are worthy enough. You are unworthy only when you live a lie, no matter how many people you please with that lie.

15. Don’t Buy Social Media Followers:


I guess you know that I am an Online Marketing Consultant. I deal with many clients, from individuals to brands, who had wasted lots of money to buy Social Media followers. And there are countless service providers online, who can give you 500, 5000, 50000 followers/likes/subscribers on different Social Media channels in exchange of small to huge bucks. What they brainwash you into believing is that people are more likely to trust you or your brand if they see huge number of followers. That’s not true. Only dumb / people having no idea of Social Media will be impressed to see the big numbers. Any rational individual would look at your Social Media profile and see whether you add value through your updates, whether you interact. If they can’t find that and see huge number of followers, they’ll realize that you’ve bought them. And that will backfire badly on your online reputation. Real people will stop trusting you/your brand. If you want to grow your Social Media followers in right way, book a time with me from the widget in the right bottom.

 16. Extra-ordinary Businesses Has Great People in their Sales and Customer Support Teams:


I guess you have experienced pathetic sales people or customer support executives from some brands atleast once? What do you feel about the brand? Probably you will avoid using products and services from that brand, you may even post negative remarks about them online. I hope you can understand how harmful it is for a business. Strangely these businesses don’t understand that sales team brings business and customer support team keeps business. Talk to the sales professionals or customer support staffs of the world-class companies, you’ll be amazed and impressed! Naturally you’ll use their products and services, you may even post positive remarks about them online and even recommend them to other people. And that helps these businesses succeed more. One organization with excellent sales and support staff is Hootsuite. That’s why I am not only their paid customer for years, I volunteered to be Hootsuite community ambassador and also recommend their service as an affiliate.

17. Imagination has Creative Power:

deliberate imagination

Do you know that your imagination has creative power? You can manifest your imagination into reality, if you understand the science of mind. Read this or book a time with me to learn.

18. You Can’t Solve a Problem By Giving Attention to it:

Deliberate Intent

You know most people feel quite resistance to grasp this idea, specially when they listen to it for the first time. It feels justified, moral, social, responsible to spread awareness about what’s going wrong in the world – rape, murder, injustice, poverty, corruption etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, your intention is noble if you feel so. But Science of Mind works in completely different way. Whatever you give your attention to will grow more in your life. And whatever more people give their attention to, will grow more in this world. Didn’t you notice that when most people and media start talking about something wrong going on in the world, more instances start appearing? It’s not an accident. That’s how the universe works. So what’s the solution? Giving your undivided attention to the things you want. Focusing public attention on – safety, love, harmony, justice, abundance, honesty etc.

19. You Can’t Drag Anyone to Success:

Success is a Choice

Success is a conscious personal choice, just like happiness. So don’t waste your time and energy on someone who isn’t willing to succeed. You can’t force feed anyone who isn’t hungry. Help those who are willing.

20. Secret Ingredient of Extra-ordinary:


The secret is in doing something again and again for a long period of time to become extra-ordinary at that thing. Ask any martial artist, world-class sportsman, musician, painter ; they’ll happily reveal this secret. But unfortunately most people don’t believe it and keep looking for some crazy formula.

21. Embrace Change:


May be this is one of the most important lessons I have learnt, and definitely this is the most difficult one to learn too. No matter how hard we want some things to remain same in our life, it won’t. So when these things start changing, we become restless, we start resisting the change. Life turns into a struggle and painful experience. But once you realize and accept the fact that change is inevitable, you can take the attitude “if things can’t remain same, it definitely can get better”. So embrace change.

22. Fool Knows Everything, Wise Knows Nothings:

Wise and Fool

More you learn, more humble you become. You realize that there are so much more to learn. You don’t become rigid about anything. You start valuing others’ opinions.

23. Life Listens to Our Vibrations:


No matter how many times you keep saying that you want to be happy, you want to be loved or you want to be successful; life won’t listen to you. Life will always respond to your vibration – your predominant thoughts and emotions. Only when you take time to express your gratitude for (hence focus on) what you already have in your life, when you focus more on what you want than what you don’t want, when you deliberately tune into better feeling frequencies, you start getting everything you want.

 24. Learn to Be Happy for No Reason:

True Freedom

Want to be really free? Don’t attach your happiness on anything or anyone else.

 25. You Deserve Your Own Time:


This one is specially for you, if you are a woman (or for the women in your life). Don’t let society fool you into believing that there is something noble in devoting yourself completely to other (unless that is what you really want), while denying yourself. You deserve your own time to do things you love.

26. Let Children be What They Want to Be:


This one is specially for parents. There is no greater crime than murdering the dreams and potentials of your children for the sake of your expectations. God has given you this life to fulfill your dreams, please set your children free. Let them fly with wings open.

27. Importance of Internet and Social Media:


People sometimes ask me: “Why are you so obsessed with Social Media?” “Where do you get so much time to post so much and interact online? Don’t you have any other work?” “Today’s generation is obsessed with Internet and Facebook. Why are you wasting your valuable time?” etc etc. No offence, but all these people don’t have any idea about the potential of Internet and Social Media, and the limitless opportunities it offers. Take my example. I am from a sub-urban place Midnapur (read my story here), without Internet and Social Media, how could I have learned so much from some of the best minds in the world? How could I have made friends from all over the world? How could I have run a business from home, working with clients from around the globe? Thanks to Internet and Social Media, I could create a career for myself where I can give more time to people and things that really matter to me.

 28. Live Without Fear:

Only When

Why do we live with so much fear? We are afraid to die, we are afraid to lose, we are afraid to fail, we are afraid to get hurt. Actually this ‘fear’ steals our life. Let go of this fear. Yes, we’ll lose many times, fail many times but we shouldn’t give up trying until we win and succeed. Yes we’ll be heartbroken many times, but we should dare to love again. Yes, someday we’ll die for sure, but why stop living today fearing about that day?

29. Heal Your Scars and Live Again:


I know how hard are the battles that you are fighting inside yourself, silently. I admire you for that. Let those scars heal with time and live again. Don’t give up on life. If you need help in healing some deep emotional wounds, feel free to book a session with me. Trust me I am a secret keeper and a healer friend.

30. What You Charge for Your Service Determines Your Self Worth:


If you are a professional, I’ll surely suggest you to deliver more than what you are paid for. But that doesn’t mean that you sell your products / services/ expertise for less than what you deserve. That’s not adding value. That’s insulting the value you deliver and hence yourself.

31. Find Greatness in Others:


You know it’s very easy to find faults in others, criticize others. Everyone can do that. But real nobility is in finding greatness in others. It’s a very rare quality. And incidentally it can only be found in the great human beings.

32. Stop Scratching Your Wounds:


Last but not the least. Do you scratch your physical wounds? No, right? Then why do you scratch your emotional wounds? Trust me life heals everything, but only when you allow it. Every single one of us are hurt several times by several people, in several experiences. But if we keep thinking about all those experiences all the time, those wounds will never heal. Set yourself free. These wounds already gave you pain in your past, why ruin your present and future too? I know it’s not easy. I know very well. I am a human being too. But isn’t it worthy?

Which one did you like best? Why don’t you share some of the life lessons you learnt in your life, here in the comment section?

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