3 Things that Inspire Me About Sachin

You know whatever I am today, I owe the credit to many people from different walks of life who has been my inspiration throughout my journey. And among those, one of the most important person is Sachin Tendulkar. I can give you 100 reasons for that. But let’s just limit my gratitude to him with most important three things.

You may wonder that how can a star cricketer inspire an Entrepreneur? But the fact is Sachin is not just a cricketer but a real idol for dreamers. And if I have to mention the three things, I will say:

1. Sachin dared to follow his passion:

In India where most people consider themselves successful or failure depending on the academic achievements, Sachin didn’t get discouraged when he failed in studies. He was passionate about cricket. And he pursued that with all his might. He devoted himself completely into it. He took cricket to a whole new level. His consistency inspite of every challenges inspired me to follow my passion.

2. Being a great Human being wasn’t optional for him:

Now a days we see so many celebrities, who might be very rich or popular. But the kind of lifestyle they follow, isn’t a very good example for their fans and followers. But Sachin lead such a life, beyond cricket which is inspiring to any common people. His politeness, kindness, care for family made him a real Indian Idol.

3. Sachin never forget to express gratitude:

If you have seen his farewell speech, you must have noticed that he kept talking about others. He kept expressing his gratitude to his parents, wife, children, coach everyone. And that’s a priceless quality.

I don’t know whether it’s possible for me to express what Sachin means to me within 15 minutes, but my heartfelt admiration for him will always be there.

I wrote the above post within 15 minutes sitting at Kenilworth Hotel Conference room at #AvivaBloggerMeet Kolkata. For a Speed Blogging contest organized by Aviva. Honestly, I was not at all confident about my entry. First reason is any kind of competitions turns my creativity off. And second reason is I don’t think writing about Sachin is ever possible within 15 minutes. But I took it sportingly & wrote the post. I had to leave the event early before the announcement of the winners. But I was very surprised when I found out later that I won a miniature bat autographed by Sachin for my entry!


My heartfelt gratitude to Aviva and other bloggers for this wonderful recognition & appreciations.


Thanks Amrita 🙂

Got a DM from another blogger brother Ramasish

Thanks Ramasish. I really didn't expect.

Thanks Ramasish. I really didn’t expect.

This was my first time at any Bloggers meet. Had really great experience. Stay tuned. I’ll come up with a post about the event and the bloggers who attended.

Have you ever taken part in any such contests? Please let me know about your experiences.