Integrated Digital Marketing

Your Guide to Integrated Digital Marketing [Infographic]

When I started my Digital Marketing journey, I got confused the first time I heard about Integrated Digital Marketing. I tried to achieve my target from each module alone. As a result, the website growth was not up to the mark. The rate of increase of visitors to my blog is in the same phase. It is the point when I got to know about Integrated Digital Marketing.A beginner feels that if he makes a website and does social promotions it is enough for him to get success. If you also feel the same then you are into the wrong perception. It has lot more to do. Our primary purpose should be to drive traffic to our website and let the content on our website do the rest. This can be achieved through Integrated Digital Marketing strategy. Read on to find out How to Improve your web presence by using Integrated Digital Marketing Technique.

In this article, we can learn about the following

Your Guide to Integrated Digital Marketing [Infographic]

In the below infographic you can learn the key points of integrated digital marketing

Integrated Digital Marketing

Source: Synecore

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Everyone knows about this axiom. In the same way, using each module of Digital Marketing alone we can do so little; using all the modules together using each module to support each other we can form Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy. So Integrated Digital Marketing is the integration of multiple marketing strategies to form a cohesive online approach for your business.

Here are the 6 sections of Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Digital Presence Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Targeted Discovery
  • Online Management
  • Social Local Mobile
  • Performance Management

Digital Presence Management

Integrated Digital Marketing
In this component, we take care of designing a responsive user-friendly website. We have to take care of branding, Logo design. We consider an easy finding of our business in google.

Content Marketing

Integrated digital marketing

Source: SEO Mania

Content is the king of the website. We can all types of content like text, image, video, audio, tip sheets, blog, ebooks. To rank your website high you need to focus on quality content. You need to post the content that sells. The benefits of content marketing are in the above image.

Targeted Discovery

In this segment, we focus on improving our presence in SERP. To achieve this target, we need to focus on keyword research and include all the relevant keywords that are searched more by the user when they are looking for the content that you are posting. [OnPage SEO] Step by Step Guide to Edit & Optimize Your Content Before Publishing. You can read this article to find how to do On-Page optimization to rank your website well.

Online engagement

Engaging with your audience in real-time over multiple channels, you must then rely on user feedback and data analytics to adjust your message to fit the ever-changing demands of each segment of your target audience.

Social Local Mobile

We have to keep mobile apps because it is easy for the users to reach us in the mobile app. We should send them SMS texts at frequent intervals to keep them updated about promotions.

Performance Management

We have to get feedback from the users and update the content accordingly. We have to change the strategies depending on the feedback we get from the customers.We have to monitor our strategy from time to time to check if we are getting the desired outcome.

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