Keyword Research Process

19 Steps of Keyword Research Process [Infographic]

In this infographic, you can learn step by step keyword research process for SEO. There are simple and actionable steps in this infographic.

Though many write great articles on their website or blog, they don’t rank well in search engines. This happens because of lack of keyword research.  This article is for you if you are also facing the same situation.

19 Steps of Keyword Research Process – Infographic

Tim Soulo at Ahrefs did a great job by writing an article named How to do Keyword Research for SEO on Ahref’s blog. Tim mentioned 19 step process to do thorough keyword research. The below infographic is the summary of all these steps.

19 Steps of Keyword Research Process

Source: Ahrefs

Follow the steps mentioned in this infographic to do thorough keyword research when planning something on your blog or website. Then you can drastically improve the ranking of your website.

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