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Have you heard about the term Law of Attraction? If you haven’t, I’ll suggest you to read this post first. If you are already aware of the concept of Law of Attraction, this video will help you to sharpen your understanding. Let me know what you think in the comment section. And share the video with others if you find it interesting.

To make it easier to understand check out the diagram at the top of the page.

Soul of Law of Attraction in a Drawing

Why desire gets or doesn’t get fulfilled 

We attract everything in our lives matching our predominant vibrations (Thoughts+feelings+words+actions). Most people focus so much on where/who they are, that they keep attracting the same people and circumstances in their lives and can’t move forward. Unless you can match your vibration with what you desire, you can never reach there, no matter how hard you work. This is why desire doesn’t get fulfilled. Now do you understand why those people who complain too much about their present circumstances can never move forward in life?

But once you start understanding the science of mind (aka ‘Law of Attraction’), you start focusing less on ‘what is’ and more on ‘what can be’. You start matching your predominant vibration with what you desire, the kind of life you want to live, the kind of person you want to become. You start thinking about your desires, you start feeling the emotion of already fulfilling the desire, you start talking about it, you start working as if your desire is already fulfilled. When you are perfectly tuned with the vibration of your desires, everything you desire gets drawn to you.

Rest of the world might call it a miracle or consider you lucky, but you’ll know in your heart that you could fulfill your desire because you understood Law of Attraction and implemented it.

Law of Attraction: Suggested Reading & Watching

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  1. jacksonadward says:

    Law of Attraction is a Law of the Universe, as powerful as any other Law of life. In simple words, Whatever you ‘Think’ and ‘Feel’ becomes a Reality in your Life.

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