Lessons learned in 2014

Year End Review: Lessons Learned in 2014

As I say good bye to 2014 and welcome 2015 wishing you a very Happy New Year, I want to take some time to review 2014. I want to evaluate the resolutions I took and see how many I could successfully continue and where I had failed. Also I want to jot down the lessons learned in 2014, so that I (and as I am sharing, I hope you too) can use these lessons to make coming years far more productive and fulfilling. This 2014 has been really a turning point in my life, for the first time I will be sharing with you lots of sneak peak into my personal ups and downs.

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Lessons Learned in 2014 – At a Glance

For my busy buddies, here is a quick summary of the lessons learned in 2014. Don’t forget to Pin it if you like.

Lessons Learned in 2014 Infographic

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Why Should We do Year Ending Review?

Christmas spirit is still on and new year eve is coming. So why waste time doing this year ending review ( & new year resolutions) instead of just partying and having fun?


[Tweet “Until and unless you become a NEW YOU, there will be no new year for you.”]

I have read this line somewhere, and it got into my soul.

Open your eyes and observe people. You’ll see that most people are spending years after years, just repeating the same year. That’s why they are stuck in the same situation, that’s why you’ll see zero growth in their personal and professional life. Whereas if you observe the successful people from any field, you’ll see that they are growing constantly. Every year they are turning into a better person, reaching towards their true potentials.

Which life do you want? I want to grow. And that’s why I am doing this ‘year end review’ for last few years. And it really helped me to avoid repeating the same mistakes and getting closer to my best life.

My 2014 Flashback – Lessons Learned in 2014

Let me share how was my 2014. I will try to share in a way that makes it easy for you to pick up the lessons you like and implement in your life.

New Year Resolutions

I know taking new year resolutions is really cliche. But I believe that it gives us a sense of direction. Below is a post that I updated on Facebook in December 2013:


To list the resolutions I took:

  1. Mentoring atleast 50 people personally to successfully build a Home Based Business
  2. Writing in my blog regularly
  3. Publishing free ‘Live Your Best Life’ Newsletter regularly
  4. Finish writing atleast 3 of my books (on Self development, Network Marketing, Technology,Internet & Social Media)
  5. Paid Coaching, consultation & Counselling ( on topics ranging from Career advice to Relationship, self improvement to business ideas, public speaking to people skill & lots more)
  6. Online courses & Offline seminars on Self development; Network Marketing; Technology,Internet & Social Media.
  7. Video blogs
  8. #‎IconsAround‬ – I am most excited about this project! If you (or anyone you know) have a story that can inspire others, share with me, I’ll tell the world. Started collecting stories of Entrepreneurs, people who dare to follow their passions…
  9. Posting quality contents regularly on Social Media.
  10. Teaching anyone who is willing to learn whatever I’ve learned so far in life.
  11. Being more Social, organizing & attending more ‪#‎MeetUps‬ ( in Midnapur & Kolkata mainly), & adding values.
  12. Encouraging Entrepreneurial mindset in youth & helping them to convert their ideas into Startups
  13. Contacting every successful person I know & interviewing them
  14. Bursting Network Marketing hype & lies, educating mass about the truth & potential
  15. Spreading more awareness about how our mind works
  16. Developing wealth consciousness, thus eradicating poverty gradually

There was something special about 2014 Resolutions

[Tweet “I took resolutions for what I really wanted to do, not what I was supposed to do”]

Though I am following my heart throughout my career, but still I realized last year that I was not running my own race. Sub-consciously I was buying the expectations of other people, participating in the competitions I didn’t want to. For example, whenever I took new year resolutions in previous years, I always included ‘reaching a certain income’ or ‘achieving certain business tag’ in my previous business. But I failed every year. Then I realized that those resolutions doesn’t resonate with me at all. I don’t care about reaching a certain income, not matter how huge the amount is, I don’t care about achieving certain business tag or getting recognition from others. What I really care about is ‘doing what I love’, ‘living my life in my own terms’, ‘making a difference’, ‘living best life’. And that’s why I aligned my 2014 goals to my true self.

And standing here at the end of the year, I can tell you that it made all the difference.

Reviewing the Above Resolutions:

Now I want to be very honest while reviewing my new year resolutions publicly.

  1. Started mentoring quite a few people, but not 50.
  2. I published 51 blog posts this year in this blog, 13 posts on Facebook notes, and 1 LinkedIn Article. But honestly I was not regular. I could have done better. I need to maintain a daily writing schedule in 2015.
  3. I’ve sent 15 Live Your Best Life Newsletters this year, excluding the blog post updates. I will be improving this too in 2015. Now with Mailchimp Snap, I am sure I’ll be able to send short and quick Newsletters from my mobile.
  4. Terribly failed. All three books are in incomplete draft state.
  5. Succeeded in this beyond expectation. Worked with people from all over the world this year. More on this later.
  6. Running a few courses, but need to get more organized. ( Incase you want to create Online Courses this 2015, you can try Udemy or using Paid Membership Pro plugin with your self hosted WordPress site. )
  7. Started sharing videos on YouTube and on Facebook page after buying Logitech c270h HD Webcam. But again not very regularly.
  8. Published some really interesting and inspiring #IconsAround interviews, but there are many more names that I have in my list to interview. I couldn’t manage time. ( If you are interested to cover these interviews as a Guest blogger, please contact me).
  9. This one I did really well. I managed to post regular quality contents on Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ page, Instagram (caught pace in last few months), Tumblr, Pinterest (need to do better).
  10. Succeeded in this one too. Taught whatever I know whenever someone wanted to learn something.
  11. For some reasons, I couldn’t continue attending Meetups after 2010, but wonderfully resumed this year. Attended Aviva Bloggers Meet, Adda with Derek, Kolkata Bloggers meet , Social Media in Photography (#SMIPKOL), Startup Saturday and many other small personal meetups. ( Meetup Magic is a post you don’t want to miss.)
  12. Started this initiative with Recipe of Entrepreneurship Facebook group and 1-0-1 coaching.
  13. Big zero on this. Couldn’t manage time for this.
  14. Started this initiative with a micro-brand MLMEyeOpener. We have an active Facebook group of Network Marketers from different companies and different parts of the world, who are learning and sharing about the industry there.
  15. Yes. Shared many posts on Law of Attraction and Science of Mind on Social Media throughout this year.
  16. Sharing about wealth consciousness too. Still miles to go before we eradicate poverty.

These are the few resolutions/goals that I shared on Facebook. But in real I drafted my 2014 resolutions in more details.

Use Evernote to Stay on Track – Task Management and Productivity:

For years I am researching on ways to be more productive in following up new year resolutions. I will not say that I’ve found the perfect one, but the system I followed this year has been more productive than previous years for me.

Let me share what I did. I created a note within Evernote dividing my to-do lists in different areas as below:

New year planning Evernote format

  • Website:
    • Blog posts:
      • #IconsAround:
    • Others:
  • Affiliate Marketing:
  • Facebook Notes:
  • YouTube/ Facebook Video:
  • Advertisements:
  • Newsletters:
  • Computer & Social Media:
  • Fiverr:
  • Wizpert:
  • Udemy:
  • Consultation, Seminar & Online Courses:
  • Writing & Publishing:
  • Need to Study/learn:
  • Growing Traffic:
  • Things to Buy:
  • Personal:

These areas will be different depending on your personal and professional life.

Realization : We add goals/to-dos throughout the year

One thing I realized this year that I missed earlier, was the fact that we can’t foresee everything on the day when we write the resolutions. As the year unfolds, we might need to add new goals, or tweak some existing ones.

For this the above Evernote note came very handy. Whenever I got a new blog post idea, I added it to the note. Found a good article that I must read, added to ‘Need to study/learn’ section. Found a person who could be my client, added their name to ‘Consultation’ section. Found someone worth interviewing from #IconsAround, added their names to the note.

I am very happy and proud to say that I didn’t miss a single idea this year. I wrote down everything. Some I worked on already, and the rest will move into my 2015 list.

How it helped me to make 2014 most productive year

In previous years, when I sat to review the year, I was clueless about how 365 days had passed. Even in my busiest years, I couldn’t measure my year long progress. But this year, the above note helped me in that.

I tried to keep note of smallest bit of daily activities. Let me share a small part:

Task management with Evernote

And today by looking back, I am feeling really satisfied that I utilized this year well. Ofcourse I could have done better, but I am happy with what I did.

Why Goal Setting Isn’t Working for You

… Law of Attraction approach to Goal Setting

Let goal setting be a fun process, not a hard one that constantly reminds you what you couldn’t achieve within the deadline you had set. When I listened to the session below, I realized what was wrong in my goal setting process. Don’t miss this one.

Two Major Setbacks that Turned into Two Biggest Turning Points

This 2014 I faced two major challenges that nearly killed me but made me a stronger and better person instead. This is something really really personal, but I want to be open to you. So that you get to know the ‘real me’ behind all these ‘inspiring me’ updates and branding.

1. Separation from the Person I Love Most in this World

I dared to take every risks in my life because I had the person I love most with me. Not only she loves me as much (actually more) as I love her, but also she was with me always in last 10 years. We worked together in our business. We spent most time at her home, or at my home or somewhere together. Those few moments when we were not together, we were on phone. We had our fare shares of challenges but we always managed to resolve and be there for each other.

Life has been taking us towards different paths for last few years, I knew that. But I was confident that we’d never drift apart. As we couldn’t live without each other. But when 2014 ripped us apart, I was shattered. ( And I know she was too).

Along with handful of other challenges I was facing at that moment, I broke down completely. I cried, I shouted, I fought. But when nothing worked, I decided to end my life. I nearly ended my life. But when I thought about you and all the people who look upto me as a source of hope and inspiration, somehow I survived that dreaded night. I took a commitment next morning to be stronger and better, realized that life was testing me on everything I taught others.

And after 8+ months from that night, I can look back and see how this setback made some positive differences in my life:

I realized how important she is to me:

Staying away from her all these months opened my eyes that ‘she’ was my first priority. She was the reason, I started home based business. But over the years, I got caught up in chasing other achievements that made me behave with her in ways that she didn’t deserve.  I gave some people my time and attention over her, who didn’t deserve at all. Being over confident that I would never lose her, I took her for granted. This had to happen. She tolerated a lot. When I came up with my positive and best self to the world, she was the only one who dealt with my darkest selves.

Relationship with my parents improved:

When she discontinued what we started together 7 years back and took a different career path, it was very difficult for me. I had so many plans for future, I had told everyone that me and my life partner was working on our business. My ego wasn’t permitting me to accept that my life partner could go back and follow traditional path of job.

But then I remembered that my parents must have felt the same pain, when I abandoned their career plan for me and followed my own path. At that moment, all the grudges I was still holding for my parents dissolved. I could realize why they gave me such a hard time.

Also I decided to react better than the way my parents reacted. I let go of my expectation from her and started becoming happy for whatever she was doing. I tried to encourage and support as much as possible.

That was a huge shift for me.

I realized the importance of money:

I can never live a life focusing only on money, that’s not in my nature. But I realized that I neglected the subject of money too much. If I could focus a bit more in ‘money making activities’ while doing what I loved, and save regularly a bit of what I was earning, we’d have never landed in this situation. She has lots of family responsibility and she was not making any money in our business. So she had no other choice than doing something else.

This incident made me get serious about making money and saving it for future.

Turning pain into something positive:

I was incredibly sad, missing her every moment. Never lived a week without seeing her, but had to wait months to see her. Never started or ended day without listening to her voice on phone, so the days felt incomplete without her phone. During this phase I had a choice – either I could break down/get addicted/sit idly frustrated/waste the year or I could turn the pain into something positive.

And I’ve chosen the second path. I committed myself to working out daily. Bought dumbbells and barbells at home, consulted an instructor and started working out everyday. You know I am planning to workout for ages (from class 6, when I was 85kg). But never could maintain the habit. But this pain somehow made it possible. I couldn’t miss the 2 hours workout, as I wanted to push my physical boundaries to deal with the mental pain. And I did. I pushed myself to my limits, and after last 7 months of regular workout, I am so happy to see myself in better shape. And she is too 🙂

Being happy for no reason:

I realized that my mind condition was too dependent on her. And I was putting quite pressure on her due to this. But when she was not with me, I had to learn to be happy without any reason. I came up with activities like working out, playing with my baby bunnies (late), watching Arrow TV series etc that instantly uplifted my mood. Trust me this feelings is liberating.

Late Dustu and Misti - two baby bunnies that filled my life with joy this 2014

Late Dustu and Misti – two baby bunnies that filled my life with joy this 2014

Loving without expectation:

You know it’s so easy to love your partner (or anyone), when they are behaving in a way you expect. But the real test of love is in loving the person without any expectation. Though I am teaching this to others for years, but I guess I could never let go of my expectations from her. But this setback taught me to love her without any expectation. Today I can proudly say

[Tweet “I don’t need her. But I still love her.”]

Not trying to control life, just trusting life:

I must confess that I used to try to control my life a lot. Gradually learning to let go of that for years. After initial foolish attempts, instead of trying to fix our relationship right then and there,  I let it go. I trusted life that whatever was happening, was happening for good. For both of us. It lifted a huge burden from my heart.

If you study Law of Attraction, you know that when you stop focusing on what is not working and rather concentrate on and be grateful for the things that are working in your life, your life gets better. I saw the proof in my life again.

I kept focusing and working on everything I loved to do, and she got back in touch with me. Not like before, but better than those dreaded months.

So are we back together? Everything is resolved? Don’t know. Actually don’t want to know. I trust life. I trust that future holds something amazing for both of us. May be we’ll be together, may be we won’t. But I know that I will live a great life, and I wish the same for her. I believe that both of us will have the best life-partners we deserve. If we are that ‘best life-partners’ for each other, then nothing can stop us from getting back together. And if there are two other persons waiting for us, let life bring them to us.

Our love will always remain for each others. That’s for sure. And I will miss her always, if she is not with me.

2. Failing in a Business that I was Building for 7 Years:

Another big blow came at the beginning of this year. The business I was building for last 7 years was down to zero. I nearly exhausted all my savings to revive the business. My income was zero. My parents went into the ‘I told you so’ mode and started pressuring me to sit for Govt. job exams. It was tough! Everything was falling apart. But after 11 months I can say that I’m really glad that it happened. This setback finally forced me to take steps that I wanted to take for long and taught me some priceless lessons (or should I say test few priceless lessons that I was already teaching).

When Things Get Messed Up in Your Life, Stop Trying to Fix

This is something I was observing for long. Whenever a person is in financial trouble, he tries hard to find any way to make money. When a person goes through a break up, either she tries to fix the relationship or starts a new relationship. A person who is sick, devotes whole day to treatment. Are you thinking ‘what’s wrong in that’?

Let me tell you what.

When you try to fix something that is messed up, your attention is mostly on the problems ( ‘lack of money’ , ‘breakup’ , ‘over-weight’) not on the solutions. That’s why no matter how hard you try, nothing good results from your effort. You end up in a career that you don’t enjoy, you start a relationship that is worse than the previous one, you gain more weight.

So what’s the solution?

Take your attention completely from the messed up areas and focus on something that will make you feel good. That’s what I did. I had zero bank balance, I lost the person I love most … but instead of trying to fix these, I focused on things I enjoyed – working out, Social Media, Blogging, playing with my rabbits, watching movies.

And gradually I started feeling better. Then I was in a place to take steps to move forward.

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket – Having Multiple Sources of Income is Not Optional

I had a profound financial realization through this experience. No matter how certain you are about your career (be it job or business or something else), if you are depending on only one source of income then you are putting your financial future at risk. Many wise people warned me about this earlier, but I had to be broke to wake up.

Glad I was studying this topic for last 7 years (and still I didn’t implement, wasn’t I a fool?), so it didn’t take long to start from the scratch and create multiple sources of income. Hey! Don’t think that I’ve become a millionaire or something within this year, nothing like that. But yes today I am very happy and confident that now I have multiple sources of income. And even if one or few of them run dry, my income or asset won’t go down to zero ever again.

As this is something everyone should know, I am compiling everything I know in an handbook called – eIncome Handbook – ‘No Shortcut’ Guide to Creating Multiple Sources of Income OnlineClick on the link and sign up if you want to get it for free.

Not Worrying About Money Always Brought Money Back to Me

Let me give you an insider tip – never ever worry about money, even when you are broke. Worrying about money actually keeps you away from prosperity. I’m blessed to be natural at this. I’ve been through zero bank balance phases quite a few times in my life, but I was never worried. Life was difficult, but I always knew that I’d earn back what I lost and even more than that. May be the reason behind this mindset is the fact that I’ve read the lives of the richest people on earth, and they went through more financial crisis than a poor or a middle-class person. But they always managed to bounce back.

I’m really grateful to life that not only I could revive my finance but could buy things that I wanted to buy for long – A Dell 5537 Laptop, A Samsung Galaxy Note3 (N9005). Shifted to premium Bluehost hosting, bought Studiopress premium themes and lots more.

 You Need to Let Go of Something Good to Pursue Something Great

I was really emotionally attached to the business I was in. I used to say confidently “I will never quit”. I also felt accountable for all the people associated with me in the business. But I was growing fast, I was learning new things that I wanted to try. But somehow I didn’t pursue anything else thinking I’d do it later once I stabilize that business. For last few years I was missing the fun that I used to have when I started. But I didn’t quit thinking what others will think and what will happen to those who are dependent on me through this business.

But life has some real good sense of humor. Those very people somehow left me and didn’t think twice about me before turning their back. Only after hitting rock bottom, I realized that it was time to move on. It was time to do everything that I always wanted to do. No postponing anymore.

I may not be making great money right now. But I am enjoying what I am doing. That matters to me.

I Want My Career to be a Journey, Not Settling at a Destination

As I always tell to my clients, that you need to choose your career aligned to who you truly are. Finally I realized that my true nature is in learning and doing new things I enjoy, not settling at a particular career. [Tweet “Every career step will take me through learning experiences that will lead me to my next career step.”]

And if the business can’t be done completely from a Laptop or Mobile, it’s not for me, atleast for now.

You Don’t Need to Know ‘How’ to Get Started

When I decided to start creating multiple sources of income online at the beginning of this year, though I had some theoretical knowledge but I didn’t know all the ‘how’s. But I started anyway. I started taking small steps with whatever I knew. I kept believing that life would present the next steps to me.  And it did! Looking back I am thrilled to see that I learned more in last 10 months than what I learned in my life before that. ( Will you believe if I tell you that I didn’t even know how to run a self-hosted WordPress website in Jan 2014? And today I am setting up and managing countless WordPress sites for my clients. )

 I will use ‘Always’ & ‘Never’ with Caution

These two major setbacks taught me a very important lesson – stop using ‘always’ & ‘never’ frequently. When we use these two words frequently, we are trying control life. [Tweet “And the more we try to control life, life slips away from our hand.”] That’s why I had decided to rather trust life and let go. I am open to unlimited opportunities and infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

Spending Money in Something that Matters to Me

In my previous business I was spending a big amount of money in travel and meetings that wasn’t serving me at all. But now as I am running my business purely from home, I can spend that money in things that matters to me – be it some investment for my business or buying things my family needs or simply savings.

Competition / Comparison Game is Not For Me

The business I was in, was turning into a comparison game. Who was earning more money, or who was achieving higher tags etc etc. I agree that this kind of competitive attitude might help some people to be productive. But I am not one of them. I have no intention to be a ‘top earner’ , ‘world’s richest person’, ‘some tag achiever’ … I just want to live my life on my own terms, one day at a time. I am very clear about what I want at this moment, and I don’t want anything to distract or disturb me from that. So I am pretty relaxed right now, away from every comparison or competition.

 I am No Celebrity and Not Interested to Be One, atleast not Yet

I am incredibly grateful to the business I was in, for the love, respect and fame it gave me. I enjoyed wearing fine shirts with elegant cufflinks and premium suits. I enjoyed my fare share of ‘autograph’, ‘photograph’ moments when people lined up outside my seminars to catch a glimpse. For a guy like me from an ordinary middle class family, all these attention and luxury was huge. But somehow I was losing myself in all these. All those name fame somehow hindered my rapid personal growth. I am a ‘next-door’ kind of guy. I would rather run a business in Bermuda and slippers than to take business meetings in suit. I don’t like to be considered as a ‘Guru’ or ‘Expert’ in anything. I am just learning and sharing whatever I know, that’s it.

My friend Sabyasachi said it best in his kind feedback:

“… The point I like most about Sourav is – he does not want to address himself as a great great prosperity teacher , rather he wants to see himself as a close friend of those who need a bit help . Though he has achieved ‘success’ long before but the simplicity within Sourav has made him a true achiever , That reflects on his face always . To allow people come closer to you , to understand their problem and provide them perfect solutions is not a easy task indeed … “

All those name-fame was seducing, but I’m glad that I could withdraw myself and become more aligned to who I really am. And this winter, totally enjoying working from bed. As that is how I want to run my business and live my life.


Above all Expert Opinions, Trust Your Inner Voice:

I’ve always suggested that your inner voice or intuition is your best guidance. Let me share an example from 2014 to explain that.

I met a guy on Facebook who was a communication coach. I really appreciated the person for the work he was doing. But he didn’t like the fact that I share on wide variety of topics like life, relationship, law of attraction, spirituality, Network Marketing, Startup, Social Media etc. Suddenly one day he mocked me very badly through his update, saying something like this: “Having a laundry list of niches written on your profile doesn’t make you an expert. You can’t do this and can’t be that … blah blah”. I politely pointed out that what someone can be or do is totally upto them. And also explained to him that I never claim to be an expert, I study the topics I love and share whatever I learn. People find that helpful. That’s it. But he started arguing and finally unfriended me. Now see what happened after few months. I was managing online presence for a Spirituality teacher from Australia – Nigel Taylor. And see what he has to say about his experience with me:

“In the maze that the internet is, I have dealt with many, many people over the years. This is the very first time I have found anyone who has such an intuitive grasp of my needs, is able to counsel and deliver these needs and do so with high integrity, great professionalism and at both a fair and equitable price for a work of art. I highly recommend Sourav and shall continue to do so. He is truly the best! …” via Testimonial page.

Guess what clicked between us? I had a rare combination of interests/skills – spirituality and social media. That’s why I could understand Nigel’s requirement best.

I was setting up Online Presence for another Client – Andy from Canada who is a Network Marketer. Guess what was my USP than other consultants? I had experience in both Network Marketing and Online Marketing.

If I had listened to that ‘Communication coach’, and dropped few niches; then I would have never got these clients. Being totally focused on a particular niche is perfect for someone who want to be recognized as an expert in a single field. But I am more of a Tim Ferriss kind of a person, who just do what he finds interesting.

And guess what? When you believe in what you do, you always get customers/clients who love your products/services. Here are few of my happy clients –

Sourav ghosh clientele

Let Go of the People Leaving You

This year quite a few people left me. People whom I considered my best friends, angels, mentors … left me. Just like that. Earlier I used to be affected a lot by this. But this year I learned to let go. And when I let go of these people, many more awesome people came into my life to fill up that void. That’s the beauty of letting go.

Internet and Social Media

… Tech Lessons Learned in 2014

I’ll remember 2014 as the year when I learned most about using Internet and Social Media to design a life of my dream. Let me share the lessons/resources quick, that can transform your life (specially Online Presence) in 2015.

  1.  If you are blogging just as a hobby, feel free to use any platform you want. But if you have any professional goal ( creating your Online Branding / running a business online / making money from blogging/ building portfolio), using self-hosted WordPress is the best and cheapest option for you. Don’t use blogspot or wordpress.com blogs. Here is a WordPress guide you can check to get started or contact me and I will show you that it’s not as tough as you think. If your blog gets really popular, you have to shift to self-hosted WordPress or custom designed blog (costlier). No other option. But transferring a large and popular site causes a lot of problems that you don’t want to face. Better to start right or shift during early stage.
  2. Using premium web hosting services like Bluehost, not only improves performance and security of your site, but also gives you a lot of peace of mind. I can host unlimited websites on my hosting plan and when I mess up, I get a dedicated team to fix things for me within 24×7. How is that? Using cheap web hosting services might cost you more than money in near future.
  3. Feel free to experiment with infinite number of WordPress themes available. Some lack features. Some has complicated backend. Some has security loopholes. But if you want to get started with the best and most simple themes, try Studiopress themes.
  4. VCita is the best way to turn your website visitors into clients.
  5. Using Spot.IM you can create a Social Network/Community right within your website/blog. (Check out the circle with ‘Community’ written on top at the bottom right corner).
  6. Learn the basics of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) or let me take care of the SEO of your website/blog. SEO makes sure that your target audience will find your content at higher position in Search Engine Search Results.
    Check this out:
    Search Engine Ranking 1 Social Media in Photography Kolkata Search Engine Ranking 1 for MLM Legality India
    How did my blog posts ranked in no. 1? Simple:
    – I wrote long informative blog posts, better than what others wrote about those topics. I didn’t even target search engine ranking.
    – Followed simple instructions given by the WordPress SEO plugin. (How can you do that with free platforms?)
    Want to learn SEO in more details? Let me share a few awesome resources: WordPress SEO by Yoast , SEO Basics from Moz, SEO Advanced from Neil Patel .
  7. SumoMe is best FREE way to capture Email ids of your website visitors. (It has some other cool features too).
  8. Kudobuzz is so far the best Testimonial plugin I found.
  9. If you are really serious about Social Media, use Hootsuite Pro to manage multiple Social Accounts, collaborate, automate and do lots of other stuffs.
  10. Viraltag is the best tool to share & schedule images across multiple Social Networks.
  11. Snip.ly is the easiest way to promote your products and services while sharing other people’s content.
  12. If you want to learn Copywriting (art of writing web contents), this guide from Copyblogger is the best place to start.
  13. Everything you need to learn about Google Plus – A collection of G+ resources compiled by Mike Alton.
  14. Check whether your website is Mobile friendly, from this tool from Google – Mobile Friendly Test. In today’s web, your website MUST be Mobile responsive i.e. it will look good on any device.
  15. Yes, You Can Become Internet Famous Infographic – easiest way to understand how you can build your brand online.
  16. Instagram is getting huge. So if you are not active there, get started right with this “How to become Instagram Guru” Infographic.
  17. Visual content is hot on Social Media. Create compelling Social Media graphics for FREE with Canva. You might give a graphic designer heart attack showing your Canva work.
  18. Refer to this Image Dimension Guide from SproutSocial to know the right dimension of different Social Media graphics.
  19. If you want to increase the traffic of your website, follow this guide from Neil Patel.
  20. If you are planning to launch a new product/service/business, immediately create a launch page for free using LaunchRock .
  21. If you want to sell any virtual product, MyWindow is the easiest payment portal.
  22. Facebook advertisement can be most productive form of advertisement, if you know what you are doing. If you are running a business, my suggestion is to let me and my team handle your Facebook advertisement. But incase you want to learn instead – try Guide from Buffer Blog, Jon Loomer Digital.
  23. Why Online Branding? Consider me. A guy sitting at a remote suburban place of West Bengal, working from home, with clients from all over the world. That too without any formal degree on these subjects, without any office or full time employees. Not only that, but recently two of my friends approached me to take care of their company’s Online Marketing. Get this straight – when you try to sell online spamming your friends and followers, you repel prospective customers and clients. But when you build your brand ( establishing yourself as an experienced person in what you do), customers/clients comes to you.
  24. I can tell you thousands of reasons why you should take Social Media seriously, but let me wrap up with a single one – when you leave right footprints online, you get to connect with like minded people. And trust me that transforms your life. You might be surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who doesn’t even understand the meaning of Entrepreneurship (or what you do), but if you are connected with like minded people through Social Media, your journey becomes easy. And to leave right footprints, WRITE! Write blog posts/ Social Media updates/ articles/ ebooks and comments on posts written by others. Share what you feel, who you are. Interact. Stop being silent or invisible. You’ll see the magic.

I guess I have to resist the temptation of writing more in this post. It’s already too long. I am feeling very content that 2014 taught me so much about life, career and social media. I will share rest of the lessons in my Live Your Best Life Newsletter.

I want to wrap up this post by sharing the final lesson:

You Can Do, Be or Have Anything You Want

This 2014 I was fortunate enough to be photographed by two of my awesome photographer friends – Kuntal and Shuvarthy. And when I compared the photographs taken by them and my old photographs, I became quite emotional to see the changes in me. The outer change is just a reflection of the tremendous inner growth that I have experienced in last few years. Life has been really kind to me. I truly felt that you really can do, be or have anything you want.



I can’t resist myself from sharing the post below from my friend Aquib.

Lessons Learned in 2014 by My Friend Aquib



So What are the lessons you learned in 2014? Please share in the comment section. Did you find anything useful from this blogpost? I’d love to know.

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