Lessons Learned from Movies I watched - Kick, Nayak and Mirchi

Lessons Learned from Movies I Watched – Kick, Nayak & Mirchi

I guess you know how much I love movies! While most people watch movies for Entertainment and others think that movies are waste of time, I watch movies to learn life lessons too. Infact I’ve learned many valuable lessons from different movies I watched. Wish I could share all those lessons with you (may be I will someday). But today let me share lessons from 3 South Indian movies I watched recently – Kick, Nayak and Mirchi. Keep reading, I am sure you’d love it.

Lessons Learned from Movies – Kick, Nayak & Mirchi


Lessons learned from Kick Movie

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As Salman Khan’s Kick was going to be released soon (released now), I wanted to watch the original South Indian movie. The movie was not only entertaining and funny, but the idea of ‘kick’ really inspired me!

Don’t Do It if You Don’t Get the ‘Kick’ in It:

The central character played by Ravi Teja is a young man, who keeps changing jobs because he is always in search of ‘kick’ in what he does. Not only in career, but whatever he does – be it falling in love, achieving his target, helping people in need or accepting his failure, he always find a way to do it that gives him ‘kick’.

So if you are confused about the word ‘kick’ by now, let me make it easier for you. Getting the ‘kick’ in something means you feel alive when you do it, you can connect to who you truly are when you do it; you are excited, passionate, happy when you do it.

You know I can relate to the concept so much, because I live life with very same philosophy (though never thought of terming it as ‘kick’). My definition of success is:

Being able to live a life in a way that you can spend every moment of your life doing only the things that you love to do, that makes you truly alive.

I was always great in academics, but I discontinued it after graduation because I couldn’t get the ‘kick’ in it. I got the real ‘kick’ in studying and teaching Life, Business and Social Media. And that’s what I devote myself to.

People mistakenly believe that it’s selfish to look for things that gives you ‘kick’ and doing only those things. Aren’t there things that you are supposed to do even if you don’t like it? Shouldn’t you sacrifice your dreams for your loved ones? Shouldn’t charity be a noble duty? Nothing can be far from the truth. When you are ‘selfish’ enough to do only those things that gives you ‘kick’, you can be truly happy. And only when you are truly happy, you can spread happiness in the world. You won’t blame anyone for not being able to live your dreams, rather you’d love them with full extent. You won’t do charity just because it’s a noble thing to do, but because you get the ‘kick’ by seeing the smile in people’s faces. You won’t feel that you are making a favor to those people.

And let me tell you something. Most acts of violence and hatred are committed by the people who are unhappy, frustrated in their personal life. And trust me they don’t get the ‘kick’ hurting others (they might think that they do). If only they had decided to focus on doing things they love, they couldn’t have imagined about hurting others.

You Don’t Have to Steal Money to Help The Poor:

Now this is not a direct lesson from the movie. Infact it’s a lessons against what is shown in the movie. Movies and stories love portraying ‘hero’ as a person who steals from the rich and distributes in the poor. Well, I don’t have any issues if someone can actually steal the black money from those rich people who made wealth by cheating others and distribute that to the poor.

But I hope you’ll agree that it’s not practically possible. Good news is you don’t need that idea to help the poor. You can start helping those in need with what you have now. ‘Help’ doesn’t need to be in terms of money always. There are other forms of ‘help’ that you can always give for free – education, inspiration, encouragement, hope, guidance etc.

Besides even if you want to hep many people financially, become an wealthy person. Contrary to what our society brainwashes us to believe, anyone can become a wealthy person in ethical ways by adding value to the world. Do you know Bill Gates had donated billions for the well fare of mankind? So why can’t we?

Nayak – The Leader

Lessons learned from Nayak Movie

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Another wonderful movie with Ramcharan in the lead role.

We Should Take Responsibility in Our Own Hand to Make this World a Better Place:

How easily we push all the responsibilities to Government, Police or someone else. And that’s why it’s a favorite pass time for most people to blame Govt., God and the rest of the world with morning tea and news paper. Oh … and now a days on Social Media, it has become a fashion to discuss about all the bad things happening around us and how the world is going down day by day.

But this movie showed that if we – the common people – start taking responsibility to change things instead of just discussing about the problems and blaming others, we have the power to bring positive changes in the world.

The World Needs Great Leaders:

You know there are many good people in the world, who want to do good things, stand up for justice, fight for freedom … but all they need/want is someone to lead them. But leaders are real rare.

Trust me when I say this, being the first person to start something is much much tougher than even being the second person.

Most people live with a mental cage about what can be done and what can’t be done. Leaders break these rule and free people’s minds. Leaders give people courage to stand up for what is right rather than settling for what is easy.

Decide to become a leader today, who would lead people to live their best lives (and in the process you’ll live your best life too).


Lessons learned from Mirchi movie

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Though it’s hard to compare these 3 movies, I must say that this one I found most inspiring. (This movie with Prabhas in lead role is being remade in Bengali as ‘Bindaas’ with Dev in the lead role. )

No Need to Flex Muscles to Solve Issues that Can Be Solved By Love:

In the beginning of the movie, the hero faces few goons who are chasing a girl. Instead of beating them into pile, he talks. He shows his strength and makes the goons understand that he can easily beat them all. But don’t beat them in real. Rather tackles the whole issue with love and peace. Infact he leaves the gang leader inspired by his philosophy ‘love all’.

You know this attitude of the hero, reminded me of another master piece movie – IP Man (Based on the life of the legendary mentor of Bruce Lee).

Everyone Can Avenge Their Enemies, Few Can Forgive Their Enemies but Only The Purest Heart Can Love Their Enemies:

You know I could never understood the principle of Mahatma Gandhi in my childhood. Even I used to feel very angry towards him. How could he suggest Indian people to be non-violent towards the British rulers who brutally tortured our forefathers? But now I understand. Finally I understand the meaning of

An eye for an eye, will make the whole world blind.

Mirchi is a really violent movie which teaches you the importance and power of love and non-violence like no other movies I have ever seen.

Do you know what happens when you decide to let go of the past hurt, forgive your enemy and decide to love them? Not only you find peace but also you transform your enemies too.

I know if you are hurt by someone, this concept will not be easy to grasp. I understand. Just keep it in your mind. Think about it. Try if you can. Someday you’ll realize for sure. And take it written from me, that day will be one of the best days of your life.

Love – The Common Lesson in All 3 Movies

And there is a common lesson in all 3 movies – love. Rhonda Byrne said it right in her best seller book The Power :

Love is the greatest power in the universe.

I have my second mother in Portugal ( someone I met online years ago, who became my family), who taught me once during a very difficult phase in my life:

Love wins all.

Gradually understanding the power of love. Don’t limit the idea of ‘love’ as just ‘romantic’ love. The feelings of love is way beyond that. These 3 stories are perfect example to show how love for what you do, love for the people around you and love for your enemies can transform the world into a better place.

So let love be your most preferred weapon in any battle you take part in.

That’s it for today. Let me know what you think. I’ve given the YouTube links for the movies ( with English subtitle). Let me know whether I’d missed mentioning any lessons.

Do you learn from movies too? Share the names of the movies and the lessons you had learned in the comment section. I’d love to know.

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