What Smart Human Can Learn From a Stupid Cat

Who said you can’t learn from an animal? If you are willing to learn, you can find your teachers everywhere. Keep on reading to find out what my baby cat taught me few evenings back.

We human are the most intelligent, rational and the only educated living being on the planet right? But then why are we so afraid to do what we want? Ask yourself : “am I living my best life?”. If answer is ‘yes’, congratulation! Go and inspire others. But if ‘no’, then my question is why? Why aren’t you living your best life? Look around, the truth is that most people are not living their best life. Why is there so many unhappy and unsuccessful people around? Because most people are not doing what they really want to do! Why? For various reasons like:

  • They don’t have the permission from their family/ religion/ community/ society etc. 
  • Spend all the time analyzing whether they can or they can’t and they never actually get started.
  • Think too much before trying.
  • Scared thinking ‘what if they fail?’ This fear of failure is the biggest reason may be that is keeping people from the life they deserve.
  • Care so much about what others might think or say.
  • Convinced themselves that they can do this thing and can’t do that thing. They aren’t supposed to do such and such things.

Come on! See what my cat did! If he can, you too can! Just dare! Forget about everything, listen to your heart. if you want to do something, just go for it. Do it! You won’t regret, trust me. What worse can happen? Either you’ll win or you’ll learn. That’s it!

Do you follow your heart? Are you afraid for some reasons? Feel free to share in the comment section? Have you ever learnt anything from your pet? I’d love to know!