15 Things You Can Do to Feel Better When You Feel Lost and Alone

Don’t you think every single one of us go through some phases when we feel lost and alone? Trust me, even if we can’t eliminate these phases completely from our lives, we can learn to deal with it. I asked my Facebook friends, “What do you do when you feel lost and alone?” Got some fascinating answers. I’ll share some of those. I loved the answers, I am sure you will too. As every one of us are different, our ways of dealing with our tough times are different too. So you might not want to apply all the points, but some points will surely give you some ideas to deal with these phases better.

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15 Things to Do When You Feel Lost and Alone

First understand one thing very clearly. That the ‘feeling of being lost and alone’ is just a feelings. Mostly it has nothing to do with reality. If you are aware of Law of Attraction, you know that whatever is happening in our lives, we are attracting through our thoughts and feelings. So when we are feeling lost and alone, actually we are attracting more experiences in our lives that will make us feel more lost and alone.

So the solution is: Do anything that can help you feel better.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Listen to Music: Aha! You know this one is most common I think. Most people feel relief while listening to music. Music can really heal our wounds fast. While many people prefer to listen to upbeat music during this phase, there are some people also who prefer to listen to sad songs too. May be it helps them to experience the pain completely and let go quickly.
    Contributors: Surbhi Gupta Mayur Bhagwat Monojit Datta Ashish Nama
  2. Play Games: Playing games can greatly distract your mind. Be it outdoor games, indoor games or computer / mobile games. If you like games, then you can improve your mood in that virtual world.
    Contributors: Surbhi Gupta Soubhik Bagchi
  3. Engage Yourself in Work: You know the feeling of being lost and alone becomes worse when you just sit idle and keep thinking about your current situation. So if you can just pull yourself and engage in some work, it helps a lot. Better if you enjoy the work. Otherwise you may feel more pathetic. Do anything that you enjoy – sing, dance, paint, walk, go for a cycle ride anything.
    Contributors: Tania Banerjee Soubhik Bagchi Averi Saha Pradyumna Chatterjee
  4. Read Good Books: If you love reading, then remember books are like your best friends. Keep some of your favorite books with you all the time. Whenever you start feeling a little lost or alone, dive into it. While some enjoy reading inspirational, self-help books; others enjoy reading stories or fiction. Decide what kind of books or specifically which books help you recover fastest. Some of my favorite books to deal with these phases are: Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions by Richard Bach, Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho, Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. And my favorite fiction Harry Potter series.
    Contributors: Tania Banerjee Soubhik Bagchi
  5. Listen to Audio books: You know as much as I enjoy reading good books, I enjoy listening to audio books also. Tried listening to audio books ever? When I feel down, I lie down on my rooftop, gazing at the sky, while listening to my favorite audio books. It works like therapy to me. I also like to start my day listening to inspiring audio books for at least 5-10 minutes. It helps me to set a positive tone for the day. Some of my favorites are: 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, Think and Grow Rich ( 21st Century Edition) by Napoleon Hill, Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks. But you know I feel best while listening to Harry Potter audio books by Jim Dale.
  6. Watch Good Videos: Now many of you might not be into books. But I’m sure you love watching videos? Watching videos you like – might be music videos, movie trailers of inspirational videos can really pump you up into feeling better when you are down. Here are some wonderful videos I found recently: Video 1 Video 2 or you can always head over to my YouTube channel for more.
    Contributors: Tania Banerjee Monojit Datta
  7. Remember Past Beautiful Memories: You know our thoughts are kind of sticky, magnetic type. So once you start thinking and feeling about being lost and alone, your mind will keep supplying more thoughts of similar types. And eventually you’ll attract more similar experiences in your life. But best way to stop this chain, is to remember your past beautiful memories. It might be a bit hard in the beginning. But if you start focusing on your beautiful memories for some time, it will attract more thoughts of similar nature. Very soon you’ll not only feel better, but you might even forget why the hell you were feeling lost and alone! Bonus advantage: By changing your thoughts and feelings, you are also making sure that you are attracting more of beautiful memories in your life.
    Contributors: Shahnawaz Haque
  8. Interact With Your ‘Angels’: If you are blessed to have some people in your life, who can really help you to feel better, call/ text these ‘angels” when you feel lost and alone. These angels can be your parents, spouse, siblings, friends, mentors anyone. [ Don’t feel bad if you don’t have such people in your life. Honestly very few people have these ‘angels’ in their lives. Reason may be is that they keep searching for these ‘angels’ among their closest people. Sometimes you can find these angels in some strangers you met recently or who are living at the opposite parts of the world. But if you are mostly surrounded by demons :-p who make your situation worse if you try to talk to them when you feel lost and alone, by all means avoid any kind of interaction with these people, no matter however close they are.]
    Contributors: Tania Banerjee Soubhik Bagchi Ashish Nama
  9. Enjoy Your Favorite Food: It may sound weird to you, if you are not a foodie. But trust me, tasting great foods elevates our mood very quickly. So next time you feel lost and alone, remember that your favorite food is with you 🙂 . Go, grab a bite, enjoy the taste! [ Caution: Don’t turn it into an addiction or unhealthy habits. Smoking, drinking, drugs and fast food will make you lost and alone for real]
    Contributors: Mayur Bhagwat
  10. Remember that God Loves You Even if Anyone Doesn’t: No matter whether anyone loves you or not, never forget that God (or you might prefer to call ‘The Universe’) loves you. And God will never leave you. You are not alone.
    Contributors: Namrata Kumari
  11. Meditate: Meditation can really help you to feel better. And contrary to all other methods, regular meditation can be a permanent solution. Meditations don’t have to be something complex, hocus-focus type. Just sit/ lie in a comfortable position. First let your thoughts flow. Don’t judge, don’t try to control. Let them come. It will feel like chaos at first, but gradually it will subside. You may also focus on your breathing. Slowly shift your focus from your flowing thoughts to your breathing. You can also chant ‘OM’ if you prefer. The key is to just stay there, doing nothing, just being.
    Contributors: Averi Saha
  12. Change Things Around You: I’ve read somewhere that ‘sometime we get lost to rediscover ourselves’. Strangely we get lost in the world we know, and find us back in a new world. Why don’t you tweak your surroundings a bit? This can be minor changes like changing the look, color, decorations of your room to major changes like shifting to a new place. The freshness of ‘new’ can really help you feel better.
    Contributors: Manisha Dubey
  13. Change Your Habits: Sometimes our habits and lifestyle are our biggest enemies. You don’t have to be an astrologer to predict that someone will feel lost and alone most of the time, if their routine is as follows: “Waking up late. Swallowing some unhealthy breakfast and rushing to work. Landing up in a bar after work. Drinking late and then going to sleep after midnight”. I just gave an extreme example. You have to find if any of your current habit is the reason behind feeling lost and alone. It might be staying up late or waking up late or eating fast food or criticizing people or expectation etc. Try changing your habits. And see how you start feeling better. this one is also a more permanent solution.
    Contributors: Manisha Dubey
  14. Love Yourself More: May be this one is the most important. Just pause and think for a moment. Don’t you think that most of the time we feel lost and alone, because of someone else? May be we didn’t get the appreciation we deserved from our colleague / spouse/ parents/ children, may be we didn’t get the love in return, may be someone hurt us or betrayed us … etc etc. But if you learn to love yourself, your happiness will be less dependent on other people, you’ll be less affected by anything external. If you are having difficulty in loving yourself, you should read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. It helped me to love myself more.
    Contributors: Manisha Dubey
  15. Check Google Map: Simple! You are blessed to live in the era of technology. If you get lost, find your way back through Google map. Am I kidding? Yes! :-p every time you feel lost and alone, remind yourself this tip from Piyu Banerjee, you’ll smile for sure. 🙂

So tell me among these 15 points, which are your favorites? Do you want to add some more points? Please comment. I’ll add the best comments as new points to the post.

And if nothing helps, don’t hesitate to ask for help. No matter how strong we are, at some points in our lives all of us need help. If you want to talk about the tough time you are going through and see whether I can help you to get back on track, please check this page for all available options.


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