Mailchimp Snap - Easiest Way to Send Photo-based Newsletter from Phone

Mailchimp Snap – Easiest Way to Send Photo-based Newsletter from Phone

Mailchimp has smartly combined two latest trends of Social Media – Image Content and Mobile Access to create this simple but really powerful mobile app Mailchimp Snap. With the rising popularity of mobile platforms and availability of highly efficient mobile devices, now a days you can do virtually everything from mobile. As a small business owner / Startup / Entrepreneur / blogger / Online Marketer / Social Media manager , may be you are already using mobile devices more for writing and sharing blog posts, managing your Social Media presence. But to send a Newsletter (atleast using Mailchimp – one of the best newsletter services where you can start for free) you had to get back to PC. Not anymore.

 What is Mailchimp or Email Newsletter Services:

In case you are new to the world of blogging or Online Marketing, let be brief you quick. Among all your activities online ( writing blog posts, posting and engaging on Social Networks etc), most important is collecting Email ids of people who are interested in what you provide.

You might be thinking that you have thousands of followers on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ and why the hell do you need to collect Email ids. Someone wise told me once:

It’s foolish to build your castle on rented land.

No matter how big audience you build on different Social Media sites, never forget that those Social Networks have the full power to do anything with your profile and your audience. What if your profile is deleted accidentally and you lose all the audience? That’s why I always recommend to make your self-hosted WordPress Website the central hub of your online presence and collect Email ids of interested visitors and engaging with them.

Mailchimp or other Email newsletter services make it easy for you to collect Email ids, and send beautiful Email Newsletters to those subscribers. I will not get into more details here.

What is Mailchimp Snap?

Mailchimp Snap Official Launch Page

Screenshot of

Yes it’s the simplest way to send a Newsletter I’ve found so far. Just install the app on your phone. Snap a photo or select from your existing photos or choose one from your Instagram feed, add the title and the content of the campaign, select your list (entire or particular segments) and send. That’s it. Even a kid can do it.

Download Mailchimp Snap:

Currently you can download the app on your iOS and Android devices.

Download links: iOS Android


 How to Use Mailchimp Snap – Step by Step Guide:

Though the app is really easy to use, but still I am giving you step by step guide with screenshots so that you can get started right now.

Step 1: Install Mailchimp Snap from Google Play Store

How to Use Mailchimp Snap - Step by Step Guide

Step 2: Log in to your Mailchimp Account

Make sure you’ve already signed up for a Mailchimp account before this step.

How to use Mailchimp Snap - Step by step guide

Step 3: Take or Choose a Photo

Please note that the application accepts square photos like Instagram. So if the photo you choose, is not square, you’ll be promoted to crop it.

How to use mailchimp snap - step by step guide

Step 4: Add Campaign Contents

After selecting the image, add other campaign contents like:

  • Image link
  • Title for your campaign
  • Message


How to use Mailchimp Snap - Step by Step Guide

Step 5: Choose Template

Choose a template from the three options available (like title above the image or below the image etc).

How to use Mailchimp Snap - step by step guide

Step 6: Select the List / Segments / Subscribers to Send

Now you’ll have to just select whether you want to send the Email campaign to some particular subscribers or some segments or the entire list. You can also send a test mail to your own Email id to check before you hit send. After you check the test mail, hit send. Ta da! You are done.

My First Email Campaign From Mailchimp Snap

First Email I sent to Live Your Best Life Newsletter subscribers from this app looked like below when viewed within Inbox. Clean and simple. Share the screenshot of your first mail sent from the app, I’d love to see.

How Mailchimp Snap Email Campaigns Look

Quick Ideas to Use Mailchimp Snap

Let me give you some quick ideas to use Mailchimp snap effectively for your business/cause.

  • If you are a blogger and working on a very interesting blog post, share sneak peak image (Screenshot of the blog post draft or your photo when you are writing the post) with your subscribers.
  • Assuming you’ve already setup RSS feeed campaign within Mailchimp (which will ensure that new blog posts will be delivered to your subscribers automatically), you can send a screenshot of the mobile view of the blog post reminding users about the blog post, after few days of publishing.
  • If you are a photo blogger, it’s going to be a game changer! If you are taking photographs somewhere and planning to write a blog post when you return, tease your subscribers with an eye catching photograph and remind them to keep an eye on your blog for rest of the images.
  • If one of your Social Media post is generating lots of buzz on some platform, take a screenshot of that post and send that to your subscriber with the post permalink.
  • No matter what kind of business you are in, no matter what products or services you sell, people love to connect with people. Gone are the days of B2B or B2c. Now every business is H2H. So send photos related to people in your business that your subscribers would love to know about.
  • If you are a non-profit or NGO working for a charitable cause, quickly send images related to your cause.
  • If you are reading an article on Mobile, that you think your subscribers would be interested in, take a screenshot and send with the url of the article.

So how are you planning to use Mailchimp Snap? I’d love to get new ideas. Looking forward to brainstorm in the comment section.