make the best of 2018

How to Make the Best of 2018 [Infographic]

What is your resolution for 2017? Probably you would have forgotten what your resolutions are. Because it happens to everyone even me. So do you want to make the best of 2018? Yes. Then follow the simple disciplines which I am going to share now. Want to kick-start your 2018 to get progress on your success and lead a better life? Go on reading now.

Steps to make the best of 2018:

  • Find your theme (Establishing your why)
  • Select your areas of focus
  • Choose 12 goals and habits
  • Create a bucket list
  • Monthly check-in

Establish your “WHY”

The main reason why many fail to follow their resolutions is they don’t know why they want to make the change that they seek. The success of any endeavour lies 90% in knowing why to do it and 10% in knowing how to do it. Your reason (why we have to accomplish the task) will motivate you to make the changes you want in your life. The stronger your why the stronger the motivation you get to work on the task.

Select your areas of focus

Finding your theme is like setting up the things you want. You can consider it as price. Next thing to do is finding what are the required things to get the task done. So here you need to find the areas at which you need to be strong. Sort out your weak areas and work on them to improve your life.

Choose 12 goals and habits

It’s time to establish new goals and habits now. You should split longterm goal into multiple short-term goals. Because as you go on accomplish a goal, you will get new energy. So your performance boosts. It is time to sort out the habits which you need to inculcate in order to achieve your goals. To make the things easy, break down your goals into monthly goals and make a list of new habits for every month.

Create a bucket list

Make a list of anything you always wanted to do. Review them regularly and complete the tasks.

Monthly Check-in

Review your progress monthly. Make the improvements where necessary. Make a new habit when you feel it is the time for the new habit. Use the monthly check-in pages of the workbook from Hello Peaceful mind.

How to make the best of 2018 – Infographic


The Ultimate List of New Year Resolution Ideas – Infographic

When it comes to choosing new habits, it will be very confusing to select the habits to inculcate. So here is the list of resolutions from which you can consider your resolutions and decide your habits to form to become the person you decide to be.

Your Mental Health is Just as Important as Your Physical Health – Infographic

Once I heard

“There are better starters than me but I am a strong finisher” – Usain Bolt

Only a few know the reason behind this. Many times out of some sort of motivation I decide to make a new habit and I plan what to do what not to do I decide to follow for 21 days. Because it takes 21-days to form a new habit. I am good at execution on day-1, day-2, day-3… You know what happens from day-4 or 5? I forget all my resolution and my old me comes to me and I follow the same habits.

Have you also experienced the same? Do you want to not repeat the same in 2018? The solution is you should have strong mental health. I am pretty sure that you are confused with the language I used. You must be thinking, first, he said to create new goals and habits then talked about resolutions. Now he is talking about mental health, LOL …..

But my dear friend you should follow all these steps to achieve the things which you always wanted to achieve. You may struggle at the beginning, but at the end, all your struggles will pay you off. Follow the things stated in the below infographic to have a strong mental health.

You may be thinking how long is this article remaining. I am gonna tell 20 things to start doing from now.

20 Things to Start Doing – Infographic

make the best of 2018

So much information on the first day of 2018? If you still want some clarity about this context, once again read this article. If that doesn’t help, put your queries in the comment box we are glad to help you out. Share this with your loved ones to help them make their 2018 the best. Do you feel anything is missing? Let us discuss. Share your comments below. To add value to your personal and professional life I will e posting an article daily for the next 365 days on different topics like Productivity, Personal Growth, Startup, and Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. Looking forward to adding value to the community. Have a great year ahead…