Secrets of Network Marketing Success

Yes there are exactly 2 Secrets of Network Marketing Success. You are very fortunate if your uplines tell you these in early days of Network Marketing career. You are still fortunate if you somehow figure these out after wasting many years (like me). But most unfortunate are those who joined Network Marketing & then gave up after sometimes saying “This thing doesn’t work/ I can’t do it” never knowing about these 2 secrets. And trust me these 2 secrets are nothing extraordinary-alien-technology-reserved-for-specific-people, these 2 are very simple common sense guidelines that every single person can follow & succeed in Network Marketing.

How I Discovered these Secrets

One day when I was sleeping late night, I got a dream that there is a secret scroll buried under the pyramid…come on! I’m kidding. Lol!

I discovered these secrets hard way.

  • I was introduced to Network Marketing being told “You just bring 2 people, they’ll each bring 2 people, those 4 will bring 2 people each… and if you and every one in your team can just bring 2 people within first month of joining, you can build a Network of 8190 people within a year & make a lot of money!” . I guess most of you heard the same?
  • But that didn’t work right? Neither with me, in long term.
  • I brought 2 people (one friend and one from family). Trained them. Worked with their prospect lists. Brought their 4. Trained them again. Worked with their prospect lists. Brought their 8. Started making money! I was excited! Started working harder. Visiting every new places, training new associates, talking on phone, answering questions, taking seminars. Group started increasing, income started growing.
  • Then things took reverse gear. Why? Because
    • I created a team of dependent people, as I did most of the tasks for them. So most didn’t learn leadership.
    • I couldn’t take meetings/ meet/ call every single associates in my group. ( 24 hours seemed less for me. Always on phone or in meeting. I ended up in a condition I hated in Job). So new distributors didn’t get proper training or motivation, as those who were in my contact. So new distributors couldn’t build their network and eventually quitted.
    • What happened to those who were in my personal contact? They quitted after some time too! Why? Because they brought 2 people in their initial days. They did their best. What else they could have done?
    • My so called senior distributors were so used to earning money, achieving tags & enjoying fame without their own effort, that it seemed too tough for them to find & correct own mistake & move forward.
    • I was good at giving presentation, training, motivating … mostly everything ( except in 2 things – the secrets :p ). But all my distributors weren’t.
    • Everyone in my team (including me) was motivating their downlines to bring new people, but was not ready to bring people themselves. So in a team of thousands, only possibility of new sales were from those new distributors
  • My income came down to zero. Why? Because I brought 2 people & kept working on their Networks for years. And when both of their Network gone, I ended up in zero again. Trust me it wasn’t easy. After enjoying Rs. 20,000/week ( even earning Rs. 47,000 in a week), becoming income less wasn’t easy. This is when most people quit Network Marketing without trying to figure their own mistakes.