MLM Tips - 7 Lessons from Building a 60 Crore Network

MLM Tips – 7 Lessons from Building a 60 Crore Worth Network

It has been indeed a pleasure to work with one of India’s starting Network Marketing company and having joined it at an age as early as 17! It has been an incredible ride as I went on from a shy, introvert, novice to develop a network of tens of thousands of people across the country. And, today as I sit here to narrate this to you, I believe I have a RIGHT to share with you how to build a huge network out of my actions, mistakes & achievements!

What is MLM / Network Marketing / Direct Selling:

What is MLM/ Direct Selling / Network Marketing

Incase you are new to these terms, first take some time to understand what Network Marketing really is – read Network Marketing Eyeopener page and then come back to this page.


7 MLM Tips from My Own Journey

To simplify the process, I shall share with you 7 key-points from my journey of failures & successes as I fell & rose many times to reach where I am today & heading!

1. Join for Products! :

When I joined, I loved the product that company was delivering & I used to enjoyed it to the fullest. I was very bad in communication, had no personality, very shy & introvert BUT I loved what I saw, and that was my primary motivation to start of, as i believed that this product can greatly value me & my family as well as friends. But very importantly, I later realised that the greatest product of a Network Marketing company is CHANGE, yes, CHANGE in YOU which the incredible training program of a great Network Marketing company can bring in you!

Within, few months of joining the company, the same shy & introvert Sandeep was awesomely outgoing, extrovert, free-moving, dreaming BIG & could carry the stars in his pockets, in short, I felt LIBERATED, I felt FREEDOM even before I met any real money!

Hence, from strictly financial point of view, NEVER Join a Company which doesn’t have an incredible Training Programme in place to Bring the necessary CHANGE in YOU from an ordinary to “extra”-ordinary!

2. Vision :

You must have heard about people who joined a Network Marketing company and within few months became Millionaire, got their big homes, luxury cars & foreign trips! Yeah! I sure know, THIS excites you… BUT, let me ask you, How many such achievers are there?

To be honest with you, The reality is little different, infact those overnight rich are so few that they get extra-highlighted and a new distributor feels, if he didn’t become a millionaire in few months then he is good for Nothing, which is absolute FALSE!

Like any other business, this business too takes time, though comparatively less, BUT IT DOES!

And, if you do not have a VISION for the future, then I am sorry , you are surely gonna be disappointed & quit too early!

[Tweet “REAL SUCCESS & REAL WEALTH is NOT build over-night, atleast generally!”]

3. Keep Walking! :

Most people who joins the industry of Network Marketing are either students, employees, home-makers, retired personnel and all those who are somewhere dis-satisfied with their life & believe that there is MORE to their life than what they are currently enjoying & they join this industry with a mindset that THIS is the answer to all there problems!

Well, if they join a RIGHT company with a great Training programm, in most cases they are true.

But there’s a catch, these people with almost NO prior REAL & TRUE entrepreneurial experience (even many people who call themselves entrepreneurs, are NOT really entrepreneurs; they are just employed in their own company! :p) , they start this fabulous business with the same mindset & attitude of their prior life experience.

NOW Get this clearly,

“Your life today is the RESULT of your past thoughts & actions, 
Your Life tomorrow will be the result of your present thoughts & actions!”

And, if you don’t change your thoughts & actions according to the guidance of successful Network Marketing Leaders, you really have NO REAL advantage in this industry!

“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you keep on getting what you have always got. If you want to get something different, you have to do something different!”

Hence, in order to succeed in your Network Marketing business, focus on continuous Learning & Growing.
Remember, [Tweet “Knowledge is the NEW currency!”]

4. Develop Leadership, NOT follower-ship :

Somewhere I heard, MLM is Moving Leadership Momentum. Still, I get totally surprised, how many so-called great Network Marketing Leaders create cult-following. Let me get it straight, Only Leaders Make Money. If you are NOT making Money in this business even after spending considerable time in it, I’m sorry if it feels bad to you when I said this, You’re are a follower!

So, if you want to make REAL Millions & REAL Crores in this business, BE A LEADER i.e. CREATE LEADERS!

Even sadder thing is that, Many people like to follow & stay as followers. I understand, Great leaders are Great readers & Great followers too. But, we should understand when to follow, what to follow, whom to follow and where & why to follow. Unfortunately, Common Sense is NOT very common!

I am sure I am going to piss-off those leaders with this article because It may hurt there ego BUT I don’t care, I care about my readers, I care about YOUR Financial Freedom!, and hence I say, Follow Leadership traits & become a great leader for your organisation & encourage them to be & create great leaders!

If you do that, you can also build worth 60 Crore Network in less than 6 years like I did or may be even more, as you can learn from my successes as well as failures!

5. Focus on Geographical Expansion :

It’s Very Very Important! If you look forward to create a Network worth crores, you must focus , I repeat, you MUST focus, on geographical expansion across the state, country & continents. Think Like an Entrepreneur. Think like a Millionaire… a Crorepati!

They don’t put all there eggs in one basket, and , then how many sales you can get from one location, can you join 1 million people from one city… how about joining 1 crore people from one city! NOT POSSIBLE, right!

Hence, as a Business Builder, as a King, you must be willing to travel beyond your geographical boundaries & also send your team to different locations across to develop & expand your network. Know about your team, their natives, their friends & their natives, and plan & target various cities, go yourself & send your leaders to those cities consistently, till you create a Network there which is creating further Network in more locations & on & on it goes!


Always DELEGATE the charge of his Network to the Leader above the Network, BUT in the process, NEVER disconnect yourself from the team. Make sure your Leader feels like the C.E.O. of his Network, let him & make him take the entire responsibility. At the same time, always keep a check on whether He/She is taking complete & proper responsibility of his team or not!

7. Your Leaders will always NEED YOU! :

As a Network Marketing Leader, when you develop Leaders, Millionaires & Crorepatis in your Network, who might be doing surprising incredible works, even miraculous works. You might sometime even feel that NOW they have become great leaders and they can take care of themselves, they may NOT need you, BUT thats always a Bullshit!

NEVER Forget, you are the UPLINE, you brought them into business, you trained them, guided them & hold their hands to bring them here; and hence, as long as a child needs his mother, a downline needs his Upline. Hence, whatever may be heights you or they reache, they will still be Kids to you. Stay humble, Stay Kind, Support them as your own children & Be there for them, even if they are rebellious childs. One they they will re-recognise your value & come back to you. Accept them with Love in that case.

At the end, its LOVE that matters, because,

[Tweet “”People don’t care how much you know, till they know, how much you care!””]

Now, after reading this article & knowing the incredible secrets of building a Multi-Crore Network, DON”T sit & start observing what’s wrong with your Upline & your company! It doesn’t matter. YOU are the Michaelangelo of your life & OWNER of your Network. Take action on yourself & implement these strategy on yourself so that you can become an incredible success of your OWN!

I shall love to hear from you about your views, learning & experiences as you go on to build your network marketing business & Financially Free Life. Feel free to share with me in the comments sections, don’t forget to Like the blog & connect to me on Twitter & Facebook for a simple ‘Hi’.

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