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How To Manage Negative Social Media Comments. [Infographic]

Getting negative comments while running a business is quite common. It is very important to handle negative comments in a business along with taking care of company development. Many find it difficult to manage negative social media comments. So here is the guide to handling negative comments especially in social media.

Negative comments are the greatest source to check our mistakes (we are unaware of) if they are genuine. You can simply ignore if they are not genuine.

Here is the infographic to handle the negative comments on social media.

How To Manage Negative Social Media Comments

Here are the steps to handle negative comments on social media. Negative comments are the customers’ way of telling where you need to improve.

When you receive negative comments follow the steps below.

  1. Consider it as a message received. Read it carefully and find the root cause of the problem and how you can help.
  2. Take a screenshot. It is a good idea to document the message. You can use it for training or share with a co-worker who can address the solution to this issue.
  3. Don’t delete the comment. You need to maintain transparency with your audience. Deleting a comment makes your audience feel that there is something for you to hide. But you can delete inappropriate comments.
  4. Don’t make delay in responding. Everyone expects to see the response within an hour. So you should address their issue as soon as possible. If required, contact the respective departments to give your customer a satisfactory answer.
  5. Keep yourself cool. Remember the basics of good customer service.Respond to the queries calmly because your response will be judged not only by the user but also by your audience. You are conversing with your audience too.
  6. Respond. Save your message before responding. Keep yourself in the shoes of your user while responding. If your response makes them feel good, send the response. If not, make the necessary changes. This is an opportunity to turn your negative customer to your fan.

Congratulations! You’ve just managed your first negative social media comment. Your job is not done with this, monitor your social spaces to track activity after you have done your part.

The Troll Who Stole The Christmas | Handling Negative Social Media Comments

Here is a parody by HootSuite on how a company overcame negative comments on social media. Have a look at the below infographic.

negative social media comments

Source: HootSuite

Here is another situation how HootSuite reacted to the mean comments it got in their official Twitter account. Their creative team made a YouTube video of how they reacted. Have a look.

Do you find this article useful? Let me know. If you are kind of the guys who struggle to address the negative social media comments, follow these steps.