Why I don't believe neither in luck nor in just hardwork

Why I don’t Believe in Neither Luck Nor Just Hard Work

When I opened Facebook today, found a very interesting post shared by my friend Anirban. How most of the time hard work and dedication of high performing individuals is overlooked and their success is attributed to their good luck. Like Anirban I don’t believe in luck either. But I don’t think only hard work and dedication can be the key to success or happiness. There is more to the equation. Otherwise the lowest paid people in any professions didn’t have to work hardest to earn their living. So what’s the missing link?

Here is the original post shared by Anirban

Wonderfully written. I can relate with his thoughts so much!

I have always been called lucky/ talented/ intelligent blah blah blah for all my life. And really nothing pisses me off more than that. I feel like being insulted for not getting the recognition for the effort I had to put. People called me lucky when I got admitted to Narendrapur Ramakrishna Mission, but didn’t see the effort I had to give. Friends call me & my partner lucky to have each other. We are fortunate but we worked hard together too. In my business people always considered me gifted for my communication skills, but no one was ready to listen when I told them that I practiced the presentation for 70 hours within 7 days of starting my business. Gave countless presentations in last 7 years. That sharpened my skill. As Anirban said people like him & me are constantly learning & working on Social Media for last 3-4 years & people wonder about our luck for having stronger online presence.

Calling others lucky is the best excuse to stay inside comfort zone & compromise with a life you don’t deserve.

What confuses people about luck and hard work

There are some things that confuses people. Like if there is no such thing as luck, then how come people working hard are less successful & happy than those who are not working that hard but still living their best lives?

Someone might argue that every successful and happy people had to work hard to reach where they are today. But then why others working even harder than that are struggling?

This is the missing link we aren’t taught about. This is why I don’t believe that only hard work is the secret of success.

I hope you noticed the ‘only’ in last line & ‘just’ in the title of the post.

So what’s the missing link?


Programming your mind & mastering your feelings is more important. Everything happening in your life is being attracted by your THOUGHTS+FEELINGS+WORDS+ACTIONS. Look closely anyone who seems to be lucky or blessed, you’ll see:

  • They are masters of their thoughts, feelings, words & actions.
  • They are truly focused on what they want/love/like while the rest of the world keep themselves busy focusing on things they don’t want/love/like. And they keep cursing their bad luck instead of trying to learn and change their habits.


Photo Courtesy: Fractal Enlightenment

Learn about how the Mind works

How the mind works is a very fascinated subject & learning about it isn’t optional.

Watch the documentary “What the Bleep do we know” to understand the scientific explanations.  A few more good documentaries on the science of mind are : The Secret, Beyond The Secret, Secret Behind The Secret, The Shift, You Can Heal Your Life.

And there is also no contradiction between spirituality & science. There is something higher power, infinite intelligence no matter whether you call it ‘God’ or ‘source energy’. But one thing is for sure this higher power is not what is being taught by typical religious teachers. And this higher power is here to help us, if we are willing to help ourselves.

Suggested reading on the Power of Mind

There are many great books on how mastering your mind – your thoughts and feelings can really change your life. Here are some of the best I’ve read – Think & Grow Rich, Ask and It Is Given, Law of Attraction, Secrets of Millionaire Mind, As You Think, The Science of Getting Rich.

Why people avoid learning about how the mind works?

Because from our childhood we are programmed to trust only what we see. As we can’t see our mind, thoughts & feelings etc we are bit afraid or hesitant to learn about this subject. It seems like kind of spooky at first. But once you start learning, a whole new world will open up for you.

Luck, coincidences, miracles exists!

What the @#$%%? Am I trying to confuse you? Am I contradicting my own words? Nope. What I want to say is a person who doesn’t know how we attract everything through our predominant thoughts, feelings, words & actions will always consider some experiences as luck, coincidence or miracle. 

“I don’t give a shit about these mind stuffs…”

It’s absolutely fine. Your life you choice. There is no right or wrong way. Only your way or someone else’s way. If you can live your best life giving credit to your luck, that’s fine! If you find believe in God’s blessing helps you succeed, that’s right way for you. If hard work is giving you desired result, then no need to look elsewhere. But if you ever feel, there is something missing, you can always come back to this page & start your study on power of mind.

If You are Working Hard for Money

What I am going to tell you now is completely different from what you are told or taught from your childhood. So please keep an open mind. Only truth can set you free.

Now if earning more money is your goal, then I have some very serious suggestions for you. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can earn more by working harder. You have only 24 hours in a day. And what’s the point in earning a lot of money if you don’t have time to enjoy your life?

Understand EBSI Quadrant & The Subject of Money

Most of the things we are taught about money from our childhood are lies. Watch this video to get some idea.

Working Hard to Carry Buckets or Build Pipelines?

Please make sure you are not trading time for money.

So my suggestion is to master your thoughts, feelings & words , then work hard in right direction towards your goal. My wish for you is that you live your best life.

I’d love to know what you think of all these. What do you believe? Share your view on comment section.

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