15 Best Network Marketing / MLM Books For Your Success

15 Best Network Marketing / MLM Books For Your Success

Joined Network Marketing but not getting help from uplines? Only information available around is discouragements and horror stories told by friends & family who either failed in MLM or have no idea about Network Marketing?  You think MLM is a pyramid scheme? My friend, your life is going to change today! We are really living in a fantastic era, where quality information about Network Marketing from top successful people in our industry is easily available through many great books. Who would you listen to? Those who failed or those who are successful? So in this post you can find most of the best Network Marketing books available out there that can definitely help you to succeed, if you are willing to learn and implement. Don’t you dare to quit Network Marketing or say a single negative word about MLM before reading these books. For your convenience I’ve included Flipkart and Amazon links of all the books at the end of the post.

How This Network Marketing Book List can Help You?

  • If you are just starting Network Marketing, these books will save your time, money and emotion. 
  • If you are just about to give up your MLM business, these books will give your business a new start.
  • If you are into Network Marketing, but not that confident about industry, then these books will work as best ‘confidence pills’.
  • If you are with this industry for long, love this industry, but haven’t got significant results, these books will surely revitalize your business and bring momentum.
  • If you are an avid learner, educator and researcher of MLM, then these books will add upto your existing knowledge and bookshelf.
  • If you had given up Network Marketing earlier, these books will help you to find your spark back and a legitimate company to restart your Network Marketing adventure with.
  • If you are a MLM skeptic/naysayer or Anti-MLM ambassador , my request is to read these books before commenting on our industry.

Best Network Marketing Books I’ve Read So Far

Here I am giving you a list of those books that I’ve personally read and are also considered as some of the best in the industry.

1. Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark & Rene Yarnell:


This is the first book any new distributor should read after joining Network Marketing. Most of the people join MLM with unrealistic expectation regarding how much effort they need to give, what skills they need to learn, what challenges they need to overcome and how much time they need to reach the amazing success, that’s why most of the people quit within first year. Nobody has prepared them to face the reality. Most start Network Marketing business listening to the ‘Alex/Alice in wonderland’ story, somehow people who introduce them forget to mention the difficult part of the business. But in this book Mark sir tells you the whole truth. And that saves a lot of your time, money, energy and emotion. I read it in my 7th year, I just wish I read it earlier.

Shortlinks: Flipkart: http://j.mp/ur1styrinnmflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/ur1styrinnmamz

2. How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine by Randy Gage:


Without any doubt this book is the best ‘how-to’ book available in our industry. Starting from why someone should start Network Marketing business, how to differentiate between illegal pyramid schemes and legitimate Network Marketing companies, how to choose the right company to start with, prospecting, invitation, presentation, followup, leadership, duplication, internet techniques to the importance of self-development in the business – Randy sir teaches you everything. You’ll find many proven scripts and step by step processes that you can implement right away to supercharge your business.

Shortlinks: Flipkart: http://j.mp/newmoneymachineflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/moneymachineamz

3. The Greatest Networker in The World by John Milton Fogg:


This is a strange book but one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life. This is kind of a Network Marketing fiction written by John sir. It’s an amazingly inspiring story, not a technical book. This book can teach you best the ‘be’ part of this business. You’ll be so fascinated with the personality, values, lifestyle and humility of the greatest networker in the world, that you’d love to be like him one day. You can find the free ebook & audiobook from here. Listen to the audiobook, you’ll find it magical.

Short Links: Flipkart: http://j.mp/tgntwflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/tgnitwamz

4. The Business of 21st Century by Robert. T. Kiyosaki:


Renounced wealth coach and bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad series, Robert. T. Kiyosaki explains beautifully in this book, why Network Marketing is one of the most promising businesses of this changing economy.

Shortlinks: Flipkart: http://j.mp/21stflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/21stamz


5. Business School by Robert. T. Kiyosaki:


Let me give you the complete title of the book – The Business School – 8 Hidden values of Network Marketing other than Making Money – For People Who Like Helping People. The title explains a lot, doesn’t it? I’m so glad that I read this book within first few month of my Network Marketing career. That’s why when most people, who started with me gave up, just because they weren’t making big money, I could continue enjoying my MLM business by developing these 8 hidden values in me and by helping other people to live better.

Short Links: Flipkart: http://j.mp/businessschoolflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/businessschoolamz

6. The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing by Joe Rubino:


In this book Joe Rubino sir compiled experiences and tips from 37 top income earners of Network Marketing industry. Reading this book had made a profound difference in my MLM career. I was very inspired reading success stories of these 37 people. If they could do it, then why can’t I? But the most fascinating step I took was to Google these 37 people and started following them online through their blogs, Twitter and Facebook. I made a virtual MLM mentors panel for myself. If I didn’t read this book, then I might have missed all other books I mentioned in this post. This book introduced to me the amazing worldwide Network Marketing family, where all the top leaders are generous enough to share their success secrets to anyone irrespective of whether they are in their Network or not.

Short Links: Flipkart: http://j.mp/ugmlmflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/ugmlmamz

7. Questions are The Answers by Allan Pease:


This small book by Allan Sir teaches you one of the most important lessons for Network Marketing success- ask more question and listen to your prospects genuinely. Also first few pages of the book teaches you the ‘law of average’ or why the success in MLM business comes from playing the ‘number game’. Bonus: Body language tips at the end.

Short Links: Flipkart: http://j.mp/qraflpkrt Amazon: http://j.mp/qareaamz

8. The Greatest Networkers in The World by John Milton Fogg:


Another book with success stories of 21 ordinary people who made it to the top of Network Marketing industry. Very inspiring.

9. Beach Money by Jordan Adler:


This book by Jordan sir is as fascinating as the name. Learn from simple and inspiring stories, the essentials to build a residual income stream and live your dream lifestyle through Network Marketing business.

10. The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke:


This is another absolutely fascinating book by industry legend Richard Bliss Brooke. You’ll learn about how his life changed from working in gas station and poultry farm to being one of the most successful and respected leaders in MLM industry. Also you’ll get a very clear idea about how a Four Year Career with Network Marketing is much better than the traditional forty year career.

11. Go Pro- 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre:


After educating countless Network Marketing distributors to be professionals not amateurs for years, Eric Sir recently wrote this book. And this book really created a sensation, still rocking best seller lists after 200+ days of launch. I wanted to read this book badly, but couldn’t for some reason. But yesterday, got the audiobook for free from Audible.com. Really very precise, to the point and full of practical ready-to-implement ideas.

12. MLM the Internet and You by Jackie Ulmer:

If you want to utilize full power of Internet to build your Network Marketing business, but don’t know where to start, then this book is the best guide for you. Jackie ma’am has given step by step process to do everything – starting from setting up your site, to building your online brand to finding prospects for your business, everything! What I love best about the book is its honesty. It’s not like the crap materials available online that distract & confuse new Network Marketers saying things like “Build your Network automatically with our system, no list, no disturbing friends and family needed. Setup and forget. Make money while you sleep” . This book is not like that. It emphasized that you shouldn’t avoid contacting your warm market first. The book made it clear that it requires learning new skills, time and consistent effort to build a Network Marketing business using Internet, same as building offline.


Some More Good Books on Network Marketing:

I haven’t read these books so far, but I’ve heard great praise about these books. Please give me feedback if you have read the books.

13. The Flip Flop CEO by Lory Muirhead , Whitney Roberts , Janine Finney:


I found the title very interesting as it reflects the freedom of MLM industry- that you can run your Network Marketing business in your flip flops!

14. Rock Your Network Marketing Business by Sarah Robbins:


Another book I am looking forward to read.


A Great Magazine on Network Marketing:

15. Networking Times:

Well this is not a book, but by far the best magazine on our industry I’ve found. I’d suggest you to subscribe this magazine to keep up with the industry happenings and regular dose of inspiration. I feel very excited to read about Network Marketers from different companies, different parts of the world coming together sharing their stories to inspire many more. Had the privilege to interact with Editor-in-chief of this magazine Josephine Gross ma’am. Her humility and commitment to elevate our industry really inspires me.


Here are some other similar lists . Found quite a few books I haven’t read. Added to my ‘To Read’ list.



Best Network Marketing Books on Flipkart



Best Network Marketing Books on Amazon


Feeling confident about your future in Network Marketing? I’ll be honored if this post gives you a new turning point in your business. Have you read some or all of these books? I’d love to know your feedback. If I missed any great books to include here, please mention in the comment section. I’ll read and include.
As every experienced leaders recommend that we shouldn’t focus on trying to recruit people we meet but educate them about Network Marketing industry. That’s why I’d suggest you to recommend this page not just to everyone in your team but also all your prospects. If you want some more info on Network Marketing, check this page.



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