Network Marketing Opportunities are not Lottery Tickets

If you are reading this post, 99.99% probability is either you don’t know about Network Marketing or you think you know about Network Marketing. No offense but I’ve met very few people who actually know what Network Marketing industry really is. If you know nothing and willing to learn, nice. But if you think you know everything, please think again. How did you come to know about it?

How most people are introduced to Network Marketing

Most people come to know about Network Marketing in following ways:

  • Someone they know approach them with some life changing opportunity . They are told that they can start with just few bucks, tell about the opportunity to few friends and family (sell this thing to two and they will sell each to two … the chain business?) and they will be super duper rich in no time. They will be able to quit their job, sit on pile of money, can enjoy yearlong vacation, buy fancy cars, yachts etc etc etc. In short, for a few buck, a lottery ticket to wonderland! Who won’t grab this kind of opportunity? Naturally most people get started with these unrealistic expectation of being rich overnight without doing anything. After few months of doing nothing, when they don’t get any significant result (forget about being super duper rich), they quit. Then they start cursing Network Marketing and the person who introduced them to it. 
  • Some people get to know about Network Marketing from the first group of people. “What! You joined a Network Marketing company? Oh no! I joined on few years back. Total scam. Glad I could rescue myself from it within few months.’
  • And some from the second group of people.What you joined a Network Marketing company? Oh no! Someone I know (read: the first group of people) joined one once. Fortunately he got out of it within few months. Thank God he warned me. Otherwise I would have done the same mistake.”
  • … and the drama goes on.
  • Even these anti-MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, synonym of Network Marketing) people form community online and offline. They take it as their noble mission to save other people from falling into the trap of Network Marketing. So some more people come to know about Network Marketing from these groups.

Can you see the loop-hole?

The funny thing is most people get to know about Network Marketing either from those who don’t know anything about it or those who failed in Network Marketing

But that is not how you or most rational people prefer learning about any subject or topic. Right? Be it mathematics, fitness, computer, Engineering or anything, people always prefer to learn from the experts. Not from those who don’t know anything about it or those who failed in it, neither from the amateurs. So why behave so stupid in case of Network Marketing?


Being an industry advocate and educator for 7+ years, I’m fighting with morons from both sides of the game. Unethical companies/distributors who lure people to join showing get-rich-quick dreams and also those close minded individuals who know nothing about the industry but still badmouth it.

So what is actually Network Marketing?

  • Network Marketing is an alternative marketing method than traditional advertising.
  • Where people recommend products & services they like to others, and get paid for it.
  • Where people train & help others to start & run their businesses, and get paid for it.
  • It’s like a #startup with lowest possible capital investment, without any need for office or employees, but with a proven step-by-step system that anyone can replicate.

It takes 5-10 years of full-time or part-time effort to reach a position, where you can earn 10,000$/month or more irrespective of whether you work regularly or not. Thus giving you time freedom too.

Isn’t that great?

If the truth is so awesome, why lie or why fall into the get-rich-quick trap?

 Why aren’t people realistic?

No matter what profession you choose outside Network Marketing, job or business, don’t you know how much effort it takes to earn a living?

Most people spend first 20+ years of their life studying, learning, preparing themselves for their career. Then why aren’t people ready to take some time to learn in Network Marketing? Learn about the industry, the skills necessary for success? In student life, you couldn’t earn while you were learning. But in Network Marketing, you can start earning while you learn. Still reluctant?

Most people in Job,work 8 hours/day x 6 days/week x 52 weeks/year x 40 years to earn a fixed amount of salary. In most cases, salary increments are insignificant in comparison to changing economy. In my country India, earning Rs. 30,000/month ( nearly 500 USD) is considered as good salary. But then why people quit Network Marketing within few months, never working regularly, when they can’t earn 6 Lakh/month (10,000 USD)? 

If you even consider the case of other kind of businesses, go study the lives of most successful business people from different industries. You’ll seldom see examples of overnight riches. Most Entrepreneurs struggle for atleast 10 years before making considerable profit in their first business ventures.  Then why don’t most people treat Network Marketing as a serious business? 

That’s why most people don’t succeed in MLM

And these are the reasons why most people don’t succeed in Network Marketing. But instead of trying to identify their own faults they badmouth the industry. (Obviously! That’s easier right? Blaming others always sounds fun than taking responsibility for own mistakes).

Don’t feel sorry for the industry, feel sorry for these people

Ah! Don’t cry thinking that, as most people don’t understand this industry, this industry is gradually sinking. Actually more and more people are waking up to the truth and MLM industry is rising like never before. Just to give you an idea

Network Marketing industry recorded Global sales of 167 Billion $ for 2012

MLM Global Sales Figure 2012

So you should feel sorry about all those people who are missing this wonderful opportunity to change their lives.

It’s completely fine, if someone doesn’t want to do Network Marketing, because

  • They are happy with what they are doing and don’t want to do anything else. or 
  • They don’t like the concept of Network Marketing after knowing the whole truth.

But it’s really unfortunate when people either get cheated or never join or never succeed just because of the lack of proper information on the industry.

That’s the purpose of writing this post – to spread awareness.

I need a small favor from you. No matter whether you do Network Marketing or not, just keep it in mind and spread the word also that


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