When You Hear “Network Marketing” What Comes to YOUR Mind?

Come on! Tell me. When you hear the word “Network Marketing” / “MLM” / “Multi-Level Marketing” what comes to your mind? Don’t hesitate, just be honest. I am just trying to get an understanding of what people think about this industry. If you are associated with the industry, try asking people around you online and offline this question. See how they respond. Industry legend Richard Bliss Brooke actually asked this questions to random people on the street, see the video above. ( Don’t miss his MLM man costume).

This video is from a LIVE presentation at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event.

In the first half of this video Richard Brooke opens with a series of eye-opening, funny yet sobering interviews with people on the streets of Spokane, Washington. As you’ll see, we have some work to do on what people THINK and FEEL about what we as Network Marketers do.

In the second half of the video (starting at the 16 minute 32 second mark), Richard Brooke takes the stage at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event and shares how the future of Network Marketing is in our hands … the hands of company owners, executives and independent sales leaders. We can band together with shared vision and values and execute a quantum leap in our success. The future is our choice; it is in our hands, every one of us.

– Source Article: United We Stand
Want to know what comes to my mind when I hear the word “Network Marketing”?


It’s been nearly 60 years since the birth of our Network Marketing industry. In all these years this industry not only changed lives of countless people but also changed itself for good too. When truth about our industry is so amazing, then what’s the point of telling lies to people? Let’s take a commitment together to reject & stand up against all these false hypes, manipulative techniques, unreal expectations, big income show offs. Let’s do what truly our role as Network Marketers – help people to get good products & services at affordable price, teach them simple & duplicable process to build their Network Marketing business just buy sharing what they love & help them live their dreams.

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