How to Transfer Contacts from Nokia Symbian Phone/ Nokia Suite to Android Phone

As Symbian has become extinct and Android is becoming the talk of the town, you might need to transfer your contacts from your old Nokia Symbian device to your new Android device. No, I have no plan to turn this blog into a technical one. But last month when my E7 suddenly died, even refusing to bootup for the last time (thank God I had my contacts synced in Nokia Suite), I decided to shift to an Android phone. But I was on the verge of being eccentric trying to figure out how to get my thousands of contacts into my new Android phone. Naturally I googled. Found different suggestions in different blogs. Couldn’t find a compact one. Finally after putting together all those suggestions I figured out how to do it. That’s why thought of sharing with you.

Nokia Symbian / Nokia Suite to Android Contact Transfer Video Tutorial

Step by Step Process:

Incase you don’t prefer watching video, here are the steps.

Step 1

  • Open Nokia Suite. 
  • Get your Nokia Symbian phone contacts synced with Nokia Suite.
  • Keep your mobile contacts backed up, synced always. You don’t know when it might suddenly stop working.
  • Go to the Contact section.

Open Contacts in Nokia Suite

Step 2

  • Go to Contacts.

Step 3

  • Select the contacts you want to transfer to your Android phone.

Step 4

  • Go to File > Export Contacts


Export all contacts from Nokia Suite

Step 5

  • Save the contacts in a folder.
  • Better not to save in C drive.
  • Save in easy to find path.

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (4)

Step 6

  • Now you can see all your Symbian contacts in that folder.
  • Every contacts are in .vcf format individually.
  • If you have few contacts, you can transfer these files to your Android phone and save the contact cards individually. But if you have large number of contacts like me, that’s not an option.

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (5)

Step 7

  • Open the Run option. ( Windows key + R)
  • Type cmd and hit enter to get the Command Prompt. 

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (6)

Step 8

  • Go to the particular drive where you saved the contacts in that folder.
  • As I saved in D rive, I used the command d: and pressed enter.

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (7)

Step 9

  • Go to that particular folder where you saved the contacts. Command: cmd foldername (In my case cd Contact)

Step 10

  • Combine all contacts into a single .vcf file. Command: copy *.vcf filename.vcf (in my case copy *.vcf allcontact.vcf)

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (8)

Step 11

  • Get the combined .vcf file.

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (9)

Step 12

  • Locate and select the combined .vcf file in the folder and transfer the file to your Android phone.

Step 13

  • Go to Contacts section of your Android mobile. Setting > Import from Phone memory/ SD Card
  • Tada! You are done!

nokia-to-android-contact-transfer (10)

My experience with 10k Android phone

[one_third first]samsung-galaxy-s-duos-2-s7582-125x125[/one_third][one_third]I just want to add something. Being a gadget freak, I used many costly Nokia phones (been stupidly loyal with Nokia for long). I was using a 30K Nokia E7 for last few years. The moment I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab (the earliest one, it was 25K then) I started realizing the poor app support of Symbian phone. The tab wasn’t very sleek with Gingerbread though. I was thinking about ditching the E7 for quite a while. But you know, couldn’t let go of it. But when it suddenly got damaged beyond repair, I decided to buy a cheap Android phone. And trust me, the 10K device Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582 I bought is delivering much much more than I expected. Android Gelly Bean is really really smooth.

P.S. Actually the phone is available in much less than 10K online.

Can you help me with something

I am wondering, if there are any easier ways to transfer contacts from Nokia Symbian mobile / Nokia Suite to Android phone. If you know, can you please share with me at the comment section?

Another thing, I hate Samsung Kies. Any better way to backup Android contacts online and offline? I’ll be grateful if you can help.


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