The Perfect Business Name Formula For DIY [Infographic]

Naming a company is tougher than running the same company. This is the part which kills all your time in the initial phase of your venture. Here is the perfect business name formula to help you name your company right away without seeking others help.

Deciding a company name is the most tricky and toughest part. Because the name plays the crucial role in the success of the company.
You can name your company in three ways:

  • Putting an arbitrary name which is not related in any way to your company. Ex: Apple.
  • However, you can also give the direct name to your company what describes what your business is. Ex: Burger King.
  • Finally, what if you find difficulty in picking the name? You can create a new name which doesn’t exist by adding two different words. Ex: Flipkart.

Moreover, this is only one piece of the formula to name your company. Here is an infographic below with the complete tips to help you name your company.

The Perfect Business Name Formula For DIY – Infographic

Webs present this infographic to help you decide your company name.

Perfect Business Name Formula

Source: Webs

I won’t stop from guiding you from here. But I will give you even more information in this context. Here’s another infographic from Brandon Gaille why don’t you have a look at it too? Go on.

How To Name Your Company – Infographic

I won’t feed you with even more information, as this is the end of my writing capacity😜. I feel you get enough information that helps you in naming your business by yourself. Even if you have any questions, you can comment below.