RADICAL RESULTS in Network Marketing– How To Turn Your Goals Into Reality In 2014 – WEBINAR by Eric Worre

If you are planning to make this 2014 the best year for your Network Marketing career, then this 1 hour video recording can give you best guidance. This is a recording of a webinar Radical Results conducted by Eric Worre, one of the most respected leaders of Network Marketing community, founder of Network Marketing Pro. I don’t know about you, but I learned a lot from Eric sir, and hence I am going to note everything he is saying in this video & implement. You can read my notes in this post.

Points discussed in Radical Results Webinar

  •  3 Elements for Radical Results/ Achievement of Goals:
    1. Written Goals.
    2. Serious game plan to achieve those goals.
    3. New habits. (Habits are the real keys to long-term sustained success. Without this, people reach some top tags, but then stop doing regular actions, and things start falling. )
  • Goals provide direction.
  • Focus on the end results.
  • This is work but powerful work.
  • Eric sir takes near about 2 weeks to write goals, formulate game plan and plan new habits.
  • Think about your intention. It’s okay if you have the intention to make money or reach next tag, but it’s best if you shift your focus a bit on helping others also.
  • Network Marketing Goals: 
    • Rank/ Pin/ Tag:
    • Income: Income goal can only be achieved if you help other people.
    • Life changing goal.
    • Debt reduction/ elimination.
    • Stuff.
    • Giving back.
    • Number of active distributors in your team.
    • Number of active customers in your team.
    • Attendance in Company convention.
    • How many regular opportunity meetings/ venue meetings/ seminars from your group.
    • How many personal recruits/ self sponsors.
  • If there is anything between you and 6 or 7 figure income in Network Marketing, it’s just belief and time.
  • Put specific dates on the goals.
  • Game plan:
    • Strategy.
    • Focus on Strategy+Process.
    • Burst+ Consistency.
    • Activities.
    • Calender.
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • in a Year.
    • Associations.
      • Protect from negative.
      • Feed with positive.
    • Culture
  • Habits:
    • Habits support long-term success.
    • Consistency.
    • Change bad habits to good habits:
      • Procrastination – Do it now!
      • Being late – Being early.
      • Not dependable – Dependable.
      • Disappearing – Consistent.
      • Negative talk- Never talk anything negative about anybody.
      • Management mode – Building mode.

How was the video? Did I miss any important points? Please share in the comment section. Let’s achieve radical results in Network Marketing together this 2014!

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