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7 Lessons from Randy Gage on How He Made $10 Million in Network Marketing

No get-rich-quick-formula. If you are looking for that, you are at wrong place buddy. If you know what Network Marketing is, you surely know that common people CAN make really big money in it (atleast that’s what you are told). But then why most people DON’T make big money (or even any money) in this business?  Because most people never try to find out the right way of doing this business. And also because most people consider it as a lottery ticket, which it isn’t. And there are lots of crap advice around. From people in your Network Marketing company who made a lot of money, but in a way you can’t duplicate, to bullshit sidebar advertisement on Facebook “No calling. No rejection. Sit at home & make money with our XYZ MLM lead generation system”. If you are really willing to make it big in Network Marketing industry, skip the crap & listen to the advice of the experts. Watch this video from one of the leading experts of our profession Randy Gage.

7 Lessons

I took quick notes while watching the video. Sharing with you that

  1. Major Blasts beat consistency
  2. Will triumph over skills
  3. Proficiency beats mastery
  4. Scalability increases duplication
  5. Deals are no deal
  6. Your leaders are your best investments
  7. It’s not about you

Watch the video for explanation of all 7 points. (First 25 minutes)

If you don’t know much about Network Marketing, I’m not sure whether this video will make much sense to you. Rather start from here.

Please note: In the video above, Randy Gage also talks about his MLM training program Gage Academy. I haven’t subscribed to it yet, but I’m sure this would be awesome. Anyway I’m not pitching you to join the course (you can if you want). I just wanted to share these 7 lessons that can really turn your Network Marketing career around.

Let me know what did you learn from the video.

Video Source

Book Suggestion: How to Build a Multi-Level Money Machine

how-to-build-multi-level-money-machine-randy-gage However I’ll strongly recommend you to read this book written by Randy Gage. I read it myself and promoted it in my group. This is the best book on Network Marketing I’ve ever read.

I don’t think you can get better ‘how-to’ guidance from any other resources better than this book.

You can buy the book from Flipkart Amazon  ( * Affiliate Link )

If you are looking for more Network Marketing books, here is a cool list.

As I always tell you Network Marketing is one of the easiest way to be an Entrepreneur. I don’t think there is any other Startup where one can start with such a small capital and make so much money. And above all, it’s among the very few professions where one can earn time freedom too. 

But what Network Marketers need is proper guidance. So I’ll suggest you to please share what you are learning with others.

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