Remedy for Unemployment and Professional Frustration

Unemployment is a severe point of concern in India and many other countries. What about those who are employed? Are they very happy and satisfied? Answer is no. Professional frustration and corporate exhaustion are very common now a days. From underpaid call center employees to high-paid executives, in most cases, you won’t see smile in their faces, most are running out of time for passion and family. Heart attack toll is rising. Relationships are shattering. Kids are growing up alone. If this continues, our future will be quite scary. So what is the remedy?

Interestingly, remedy for both unemployment and professional frustration is the same!

Entrepreneurship or Self-employment

Yes! Entrepreneurship is the solution. Who told you that you have to work for someone else to get paid? You can start your own business. If more and more people opt Entrepreneurship, unemployment will drastically decrease.

Now let me tell you a magic formula – When 1 person becomes an Entrepreneur, more than 1 person become employed. 


The Ripple Effect

Simple. A job can’t create a new jobs. If you are employed by someone else, you can’t give another person employment (no offence, just giving fact). But when you decide to be an Entrepreneur, start your own business, eventually you’ll need a team, right? Even if you can employ just a single person in your business, you are reducing unemployment figure by 2. Yourself and that person you employed.

Catch point is – Doing what you love

See many may suggest you to start a business in a lucrative industry. But take it written from me, if you don’t build your business based on something you love, you’ll be frustrated one day. If being a frustrated millionaire or billionaire is okay with you, go for that.

This is the reason, why high-paid executives will get fresh air leaving the job they hate and doing something they enjoy.

If you have read my previous posts on career advice – 5 Tips to choose your right career & My career advice for you that your parents may not like, you know why I recommend to create your career around something you love.

And this is specially important for Entrepreneurs. In your journey of Entrepreneurship, you’ll go through many ups and downs. You can survive those only if you enjoy what you are doing. That’s it!

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Come on! I don’t want to copy & paste definition of ‘Entrepreneur’ from Wikipedia or Oxford dictionary. I don’t give shit about that. What I feel is, anyone who is making a living without working under someone else is an Entrepreneur.

Being an Entrepreneur or starting a business doesn’t mean, you’ll need huge investments or need a big office. Most people get scared due to these false perceptions.

You can be an Entrepreneur, by:

  • Teaching something you are good at / enjoy doing
    • Any academic subjects
    • Music, dance, painting or any form of art
    • Horse riding
    • Scuba diving
    • Public speaking
    • Web designing
    • Rabbit breeding
    • … ( keep adding whatever you want. Your imagination is the only limit)
  • Creating & selling some products. Online and/or offline.
  • Coaching, counselling people.
  • Writing books.
  • Running a website & somehow monetizing it.
  • Being a photographer.
  • Being an event planner.
  • … seriously there are no limit to what kind of business you can start.

One thing you need to learn

As you are starting your business based on what you love, I know you won’t have much problem learning more on that topic.

But one thing you have to learn, beyond your topic of interest – how to monetize your passion/talent. 

It’s so painful to see so many talents around us, who are spending more time in their jobs than utilizing their talents. Why? Because they just don’t know how to monetize their talents.

Grab the RSS feed of my blog, to stay tuned. I’ll be soon writing on how to monetize your talents.

This is all for today.

To conclude, if you are tired of searching Jobs, end it now. If you are grinding yourself in a job you hate, ditch tomorrow. Then:

  1. Think about something you enjoy. Something you can do who day and night, without even getting paid, without ever getting tired. 
  2. Learn how to monetize that.
  3. Start the most exciting journey of Entrepreneurship.

Don’t forget to leave a comment. I’m eager to know what you think about it. And share it with others so that the remedy reaches where the problem lies.