SGT Management Souarav Ghosh & Team (1)

Announcing SGT Management – A New Start towards a Better Future

2020 has been the year of Rebirth for our team.

I started in this field with some values, principles and vision. But over the years, that got diluted as I brought in some people who had different priorities & started taking our team in a very different direction than what we originally envisioned.

Though we were growing in terms of revenue, results and remuneration for some of our team members; we were drifting apart from the essence of wholistic growth, well-being and moving forward together.

I am so grateful to the universe that everyone who were not aligned with our values and vision, gradually drifted apart and the ones who truly belonged finally had the breathing space to come forward as leaders and steer this ship in the right direction.

Today I’d like to introduce them to the world and announce their official roles in our team.

These three people have been working away from the limelight in our team for years. They didn’t abandon the team even when things became challenging because they considered this team as their own.

SGT Management First Formal Meeting (1)

14th January 2020 – the day we first decided to lead the team together

In fact, they came forward this 2020 and stood beside me, working hard to rebuild this organisation from scratch with a much stronger foundation.
These three people are unique and different by their individual nature, yet all of them share some common traits that make them the amazing leaders they are evolving into.

Some of those traits are:

  • Prioritising the benefits of the team over their individual benefits.
  • Humility.
  • Absence of ego. 
  • Belief in growing together. 
  • Childlike nature. 
  • Treasuring relationships. 
  • Honesty. 
  • Transparency. 
  • Teachable. 
  • Good teachers. 

These people have been leading the team along with me this 2020. Titles they had so far, don’t represent their role and contribution in our team any more.

Hence, this official announcement declaring their new titles that are more justified for their contribution in our team.

  • Rangan, Chief Creative Officer
  • Sagnik, Chief Expansion Officer
  • Sunipun, Chief Evolution Officer

And I’d be the ‘Chief Happiness Officer’. Together we represent SGT Management.

Let me give a bit more details.

As the Chief Creative Officer, Rangan takes care of all the Creative & Design aspects of our business. Rangan leads our Design Team which is globally recognised for providing world-class Facebook Ad Images & Videos. We had designers before Rangan and we delivered some great designs as well. But Rangan stepped up when we needed him the most & actually laid the foundation of a design team where individual designers get the structure, support and can produce quality designs as a team. With his rich experience as a Fashion Merchandiser in London, as a freelance Photographer & illustrator, he brings in some unique creative flavour to our team. Beyond creativity, he contributes to strengthening interpersonal bonds in our team & sets an example for all of us to be humble & childlike irrespective of age & professional accomplishments.

As Chief Expansion Officer, Sagnik takes care of our Sales & Marketing, along with supervising the growth efforts for quite a few of our clients. Sagnik represents expansion as he has shown a tremendous expansion as a person and professional while working with us, and also because he has been playing a key role in connecting us with an increasing number of Small and Medium Businesses from all over the world. Sagnik joined our team as a fresher, with just a little bit of experience in Direct Selling like me. But over the years, he is constantly expanding his capability in terms of knowledge, skills, experience. He took the responsibilities not when he was ready, rather at a time when he was struggling himself, more so at a time when our team needed him to step up. His eagerness to help and support others constantly reflects from delighted team members & happiest clients.


As Chief Evolution Officer, Sunipun takes care of our Operations & Brand, along with managing one of our most important & biggest clients. Sunipun represents evolution as he has a unique ability to help people and team evolve into their better versions. He truly understands the evolution that is necessary for sustainable holistic growth. He not only understands the vision that I started this brand with, rather continuously helps all of us to refine that vision to take all of us to a worthy destination while reminding us to enjoy the journey as much as possible. His operation proficiency isn’t limited to creating just better systems and structures for our team, rather evolves into giving us the right mental and spiritual guidance to move forward with peace. His previous exposure in traditional media & experience in working with some of our longest-running clients gives him the perfect understanding to optimise our operations & position our brand right.


As Chief Happiness Officer I will be ensuring our teammates, clients, prospects, applicants & everyone we interact with is happy. This 2020, we’ve taken quite a few important steps to be recognised as SGT, Sourav Ghosh & Team beyond what I could do as an individual. Going forward I want to work more on developing our team and growing as an organisation.

This 2020 was full of challenges for four of us. None of us was ready to do the things that we did this year. Even after crossing 1 Cr. Annual Revenue in 2019, we ended up with very little money & losing some of our biggest clients for not having a proper legal contract in place.

Instead of continuing the mad growth chase, we decided to slow down and strengthen the fundamentals.

Interestingly, when we let go of the people who were getting paid most yet not contributing to the long-term growth of the team, the rest of our team members started earning more even when our revenue was lower. Not only that, but we could hire many new promising team members this 2020.

Finally, we started building this team with people who were actually committed to work and grow as a team.

Now as SGT Management, our most important priority is ensuring a better future for all our teammates, who believe in us and plan on staying with us for long (if not till the very end). We are constantly working on ways to not only increasing their income but also helping them to have a better work-life balance. 

Going forward, we want to be known as not only a World Class Wholistic Growth Solution Agency but also a Model Workplace setting benchmark for work-life balance, fair remuneration, remote operations, culture & bonding.

It has been an incredible journey so far. Learning so much every single day. Even after 6 years, it feels like we are just getting started. 2020 gave us the maturity and wisdom to think and act like an actual organisation.

Can’t wait to experience what tomorrow has to offer.

I’ve always been blessed enough to get so much love and support from all of you, my extended family. Hoping to get the same, as we take a new step forward.