Super Simple Marketing Plan [Infographic]

When you are starting a company, you need to have a marketing plan for branding. It is also important to generate more business. Half of the work is complete when you design a marketing plan. The remaining half it the implementation part. Here is the guide to create a super simple marketing plan.

Your Guide To Create Super Simple Marketing Plan – Infographic

How are you in service to others?

A good business helps people in getting what they need not what to get from them. So be clear about the services you intend to provide to your customers.

Create your personas

Who needs the services which you provide? I mean really need it. A good business provides solutions to the real problems. Focus on the solution-oriented approach to provide services.

Where do your potential customers spend time

You should know where your potential customers hang out both online and offline. Do you know how to find this out? You can use analytics of your current customers to find where they hang out. And sort out the best time to connect with them.

What is an appropriate give away?

Have a clear vision of how to offer a giveaway both online and offline. Which give away works depends on the type of your business. So you need to decide how to plan the giveaway.

Where does your giveaway lead?

Make sure the flow of your online giveaway or offline giveaway leads to the email list. Your sales will come from the email list.

Take care of your newly generated business

Once you have your customers on the email list, be sure you provide them the offers they need. Follow the process said in the first step.

Expand your reach by developing your street team or affiliate program

Your happy customers always share your products and services but don’t rely on them. Prepare an affiliate program and take care of your affiliate partners.

This is it, guys. Follow this simple process to create your marketing plan and add value to the society. If you find any issues in designing your marketing plan, drop an email. We are experts in designing the marketing strategy.