Are You Following Super MLM Man & Learning Valuable Network Marketing Lessons?

If you have seen the previous video, you know that Network Marketing legend Richard Bliss Brooke took an interesting initiative. He is interviewing random people on the street and asking about what they know about Network Marketing or even they have ever heard about it. The answers are funny, interesting and also eye opening for all Network Marketing distributor. Watch the video & also read the original article for the lessons.

You know what is most interesting? Richard Brooke is one of the most successful & respected leaders in whole Network Marketing industry. He was chopping chicken at foster farms at the age of 22, when he got introduced to Network Marketing. In early 1980s at the age of 28, he was earning $ 40,000/month. He made is first million before the age of 30. At the age of 31, he was made Executive vice president of the company. At the age of 33, he took the challenge to turn around a struggling company & later became CEO & owner of the company. Not only that, Richard sir is the author of Mach II: The Art of Personal Vision and Self Motivation, and The Four Year Career®, two of the most utilized and respected works in the Network Marketing Direct Sales Profession. So my point is: A person with so many achievements under his belt is so humble & childlike to roam around in MLM man costume, taking feedback from common people about the industry. Every Network Marketing leader should learn from him. Learn more about him.

If you are in Network Marketing, or want get educated about the profession, I’d strongly recommend you to read these two books. Here are the Amazon links – The Four Year Career & Mach II.

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So what lessons have you learned from the video and the article?